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Friday, March 6, 2020

More Information About The Coronavirus and Searching For Supplies For Kathy.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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After having an early morning yesterday but still getting to bed at the normal time I was surprised to be staring at the ceiling a number of times throughout the night. As mentioned many times in the past it seems the more tired we are the less we seem to sleep. Also mentioned before when you don’t sleep in the middle of the night you normally wake up later to make up for it and today was no exception.
Woke to Rain. Last week everything was white.
Yesterday we discussed Kathy’s poor Immune System not only because of multiple health issues but because some of the Medications she’s on tend to make her more susceptible. After reading Contessa’s blog 5C’s Que Pasa there was a list of things from a Molecular Virologist that dealt with a Coronavirus back in the 1970s and there have been multiple strains of it since that time.

After reviewing his list and more discussion this morning we made a List of things we need to get to help keep Kathy safe from this disease. We did spend the remainder of the morning getting our chores completed before Kathy warmed the last of the Pulled Pork for our lunch.
Looking at The Weather Network before we left the Apartment Kathy waited by the rear entrance for me to bring the car around. Having enjoyed Spring-Like Weather the last few days it was a shock when the Winter-Like Wind nearly blew me off my feet.
We headed first to Shopper’s Drug Mart with our List in hand. They had none of the things we needed so we stopped at every Drug Store we saw with no luck. We were not the first to think we should be pro-active at protecting ourselves.
Next we went to Dollar Tree where we had previously seen some of the things we were looking for but they were out. Kathy recalled seeing some at Princess Auto but when we got there the shelves were empty. Having worked in industrial settings I knew they got supplies from Windsor Factory Supply. As soon as we mentioned what we were looking for they said they were out due to the Coronavirus because their suppliers were supplying Hospitals first but they made a suggestion of where to look.
We went to Great Lakes Safety Supply where as soon as we asked for the Masks he brought the last box he had in stock out. Unlike the typical dust masks these were designed to stop Mists, Bacteria, Germs and Dust. A box of Twenty was $65.00 but worth it if it keeps Kathy healthy.
With only One thing off our List we headed back to Walmart. We were able to find the Zinc Lozenges that the experts say will help rid you of the severe soar throat and help boost your immunity when you start feeling sick.
From our photo files.
We still had a number of places to check out but we were starting to feel hungry. As luck would have it we still had some Coupons in the Car. We went to Arby’s where we had a tasty Roast Beef Meal at a reasonable price.
We went to Bulk Barn where using a Coupon we were able to get some Healthy Snacks with a $5.00 savings.

File photo
With still more on our List to get we headed over to Canadian Tire. We were able to find Lysol Wipes for being able to wipe off surfaces or articles that we suspect as having been contaminated. We also were able to find Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer and Lysol Antibacterial Spray. It was strange that we found all these products in an Auto Supply Store when Drug and Department Stores were out of stock.

We got back to the Apartment just on time to watch the 6 o’clock Local News and one of the first things they talked about was the Coronavirus. We later watched an episode of Law and Order before surfing the news channels. It was like they were all reading the same script on Coronavirus. The Elderly and those with Compromised Immune Systems or have Breathing Issues are those most at risk. Everyone else will only feel like they have a bad case of the Flu. Let’s hope they get it under control soon. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. So tell me, why is everyone in Washington State buying toilet paper????? And in California, they are stocking up on bottled water, to the tune of 40 or more cases!!! It's crazy!! Masks are certainly a good idea for Kathy!!

  2. They say the masks won't protect you but help stop you from spreading it to others once you have it. Also important to note, they should be individually wrapped as it is an airbourne virus, so if you have it and open the bag the rest are all infected. Only 1 use per mask as well, as soon as you pull it down it is done in an airbourne environment. Use debit/credit as bank notes are being suspected now. I recommend tap so you don't have to touch the same buttons as everyone else either.

  3. Sometimes I wonder how you two survive in Quartzsite where they hardly any stores at all. Maybe, it will be best if Kathy stayed home till they get a handle on this thing. All those visits to stores and restaurants can't be good.

  4. I also think it's funny that you can find so many things at Canadian Tire that have nothing to do with tires.

    You guys got lucky in being able to find the last box of face masks. I have been busy keeping up with the cases in the USA and do not know how many cases there are in you have a lot and are they near you?