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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Trying To Sleep and Getting Things Together.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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After being asleep for only a couple hours I was once again staring at the ceiling praying to go back to Dreamland. Finally I sat myself in front of the Computer hoping that would do the trick. After reading for a Couple of Hours I just gambled that I could rest for a Few Hours and went back to bed. Luckily Kathy had a good night’s sleep.

In order to make up for that lost sleep it is only natural that I slept past 9:00 this morning. I had no sooner gotten things ready for breakfast when Kathy joined me. We’ve been keeping breakfast Lite but by the time we finished our Second Cup while seeing what the rest of the world is up to we decided on having lunch on time.

We had Fried Egg Sandwiches along with Toast. We then had a Banana and the last of the Cheese Cake that we purchased a couple weeks ago. We made a List of things we needed to gather this afternoon.

We soon found ourselves out at Guardian Storage where we picked up a lot of Mail. I’ve often said I think the Postman gathers it someplace and only delivers once a week. When Kathy went through it we found the personal Cheques we had ordered last month. They are for our Joint Account and they didn’t have My Name on them and only part of our Address.

We went back to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit to look for some supplies. I was certain that I had brought some Exercise Clothes to the Apartment but haven’t been able to locate them. We went through every Clear Storage Bin that we saw clothes in but didn’t find any Exercise Clothes. We did find a few Food Stocks that we needed.

We headed to Motor City Community Credit Union to get that straightened around. The Cheques had been properly ordered but the Printer messed up. We can still use them but the New Ones will be here by the beginning of the year. Our Refund Cheque from Green Shield also arrived so while cashing that I also picked up a roll of Loonies for doing the Laundry.

We went to Walmart where we were able to find a couple of Bath Towels and a Combination Lock that I’ll use at the Gym. We have Bath Sheets at the Apartment which are too large to bring there. Kathy has also been looking for a new Christmas Tree but the type she was looking for they didn’t have in stock.

It was past 4:30 so we stopped at Burger King where we used Coupons to keep our cost down. Kathy had the Original Chicken Sandwich while I had a Whopper. It was more then enough to be satisfying.

We stopped at Canadian Tire where I went to get a couple of Bar Clamps. I was able to get Heavy Duty Bar ClampsOn Sale” cheaper then the Medium Duty Clamps. Kathy was still looking for her Christmas Tree but the one she found was too tall.

We drove to the west end Walmart where the Tree that Kathy wanted was again out of stock. We stopped at the Wholesale Club and picked up another case of Halls cough drops.

Taking the Expressway then up the Parkway we were home in Fifteen Minutes. I brought in our purchases but forgot what we brought from the Storage Unit in the Car. I’ll get them in the morning. I’ll make certain that I sleep tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I'm sorry you were not able to sleep, unfortunately I know too well how that feels.

    I hope Kathy is able to find the Christmas tree she wants.

  2. Yup ... seems that's how it goes when I'm looking for something particular and can't find the one I want.
    I know the lack of sleep of which you speak!! Hoping it gets better.

  3. I hate when I can't sleep! Might just have to wait until next year to find her perfect tree at the beginning of the season!

  4. These sleepless nights! Such a bother. It is very smart to get as many errands done in the same day- lots of driving but the list gets more checked off.