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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Coughing It Up and Hearings.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Since we both want to be certain to get a good night’s sleep we both took an Extra Strength Tylenol before going to bed last night. In the morning while having breakfast we compared notes. I slept soundly while Kathy took a while before finally falling to sleep.
Our High for the day with high Winds.
Since we woke to the Cold High Temperature for the day we knew it would be an inside day. We got our morning reading on the Computers nearly done when I decided to finish drinking my Coffee. As mentioned before both Kathy and I have Sleep Apnea which causes us to stop breathing while we sleep. The problem is caused by a Flap or Valve in the back of the Throat that is supposed to cover the Wind Pipe when you are drinking. It is also not uncommon for us to suddenly start to choke on our own Saliva but not this morning. That last sip of Coffee found its way down my Wind Pipe causing me to Cough out a spray of Coffee all over my Clothes. the Love Seat and our recently cleaned Ceramic Tile Floor.

After I stopped turning Blue and had cleaned up the mess that I had just caused I went to change. Those extra clothes was just enough to fill our Laundry Hamper so instead of waiting until tomorrow our Plans were once again changed.
Split Pea Soup with Cheese Stick for lunch and
an Apple Sauce cup for dessert.
We had an early lunch so I could sort and repack the Laundry before going down stairs. Kathy had just turned on her Computer and when “Live” coverage of the Impeachment Hearings came on. We personally keep our opinions of Politics and Religion to ourselves because we’ve seen how divided it makes people. Even though this was History being made we felt sorry for all our US Friends that their Country was having to go through this process. We both went about doing what we needed to do and were surprised that when Kathy again went on her Computer the Hearings were still going on nearly Six Hours later.

There has also been a change to our plans for tomorrow so we’ll see what we do with our day. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It is rather sad that our own elected officials are doing this to the country. I'm with you, I try not to get involved in those arguments.

  2. I agree with Nancy! Sounds like a good day to be inside!

  3. I meant to comment on your recent post where you showed a picture of your cleaned floors. You did a wonderful job and it looks like a new floor. Some winter days it is just better to stay indoors and enjoy the comfort of a warm home.

  4. The same thing happens to me when I drink even a sip sometimes! It's embarrassing and messy but my hubs stares at me, ready to perform CPR if I keel over. I avoid the news like the plague. I've even modified my google so it doesn't pop up in the articles on the main page.

  5. It's much colder today. -20 when I got up. My partner doesn't know enough to keep his mouth shut about politics and religeon. In our family we don't argue about these topics in company. It has caused some alienation as a result. Some people don't learn...

  6. I wont complain about our cold temperatures after looking at yours...brrrrrrr!!!

  7. Yep, that's getting chilly. I better not complain about having to wear a jacket at Happy Hour here in the desert.