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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Change Of Plans Changed Again.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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When I couldn’t sleep the other night part of the problem was the pain I felt in my shoulders from working at cleaning the Grout on the Tiles Two Days ago. That made me realize what Kathy had to have been going through since she has Rheumatoid Arthritis not only in her Hands but her Shoulders and Feet as well. To avoid a second sleepless night I took a Night-time Tylenol with Body Ache Medication in it. It worked like a charm.
The sky looks brighter then it did look out the door.
I was up by 8:00 this morning but looking outside it was hard to tell the Sun had risen. The Cloud Cover was so thick some of the street lights were still on. We again had a Lite Breakfast and finished our Coffee/Tea while at our Computers.

We also discussed what we wanted to do today but first I opened the Spreadsheet that I keep track of all our Medication and Vitamins so I would be certain that I could do our Pill Doucettes later this week. As soon as it opened and I saw XXXs where Numbers had been the last time I had seen it my plans changed. Luckily the Medications Names were still in tact but I had to rework all the Functions.
Kathy put together a quick lunch keeping it Lite but Nutritional. She made us Lipton Vegetable Cup-O-Soup for lunch a Half Apple and a piece of Chocolate Cake for dessert with a cup of Berry Berry Tea for a beverage. With our not being very active it was more than enough.

While Kathy did the Dishes while I spent the next Three Hours counting every Caplet, Capsule, Gel-Tab and Tablet in our possession. Did I mention that those Numbers had disappeared as well. When they were all packed away I then had to enter the Quantities of each Medication and Vitamin on the Spreadsheet. I made certain that everything was working before Backing It Up so this won’t happen again anytime soon.

For supper Kathy cooked up Bacon and Eggs for supper while I buttered up the Toast. It was another cup of Tea that we enjoyed while watching the 6 o’clock Local News. We again watched a couple of Christmas Movies that were not on the Hallmark Channel.

The work from Yesterday that I planned on doing Today will not be planned but will be high on the priority list Tomorrow so maybe it will get done. Remember how I mentioned the weather changing for Christmas Day well it looks like our plans keep doing the same thing. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I was watching a commercial the other day and you guys came to mind. It is a service that is free to people who have Medicare and they deliver their medications packed in daily sealed pouches much like the doucettes you prepare.

    I am sure you were not happy to have your information dissapear into thin air but glad you were able to recreate it and back it up.

  2. You gotta love those dang computer spreadsheets!!!

  3. I think that sometimes pencil and paper are better than the computer.

  4. Never fun, in my opinion, to redo something I thought was done. I would not have been happy hoping that spreadsheet.

  5. I am never happy when IT fails. But Kathy sure keeps you both well fed! Alls well that ends well :)