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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thank You for following this Blog

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Early Visitor and A Christmas Wish.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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Tonight children all around the world will be in bed early awaiting the arrival a very special visitor. For Kathy and I we had to set the Alarm last night because our special visitor came early this morning. We were up by 7:30 so we could get things straightened around and have breakfast. Looking out the Balcony Door the Sun was no where in sight and the vehicles in the parking lot were again covered by a blanket of Frost.
Minutes before 10:00 while Kathy waited upstairs I went down to the lobby. Minutes later my sister Anna from London arrived. We had plenty to talk about since it has been over a year since we saw one another even though she reads our daily Blog. She was impressed with our apartment seeing first hand what we needed to do to make ourselves comfortable.
Since we all had appointments later this afternoon we headed out shortly after noon. Anna followed us over to the Michigan Diner on Tecumseh Road East where we were able to continue our Visit while enjoying their Perch Dinners with Onion Rings rather then Fries. Unfortunately that meal does not come on the Seniors Menu. On the bright side that meant we had enough food left over for another meal. It was nearly 1:30 when we gave Hugs and said our good-byes with plans to get together later this Summer. It wasn't until after Anna was gone that we realized we hadn't taken any pictures nor did we have the Camera with us.
We arrived at Fantastic Sam’s shortly after 2:00 and all the Hair Stylists were dressed in festive Christmas themed clothes mostly Elves. That was perfect for mothers that were bringing their children in for their Christmas Trims. We barely had the chance to sit down when Jenna finished her last customer before calling Kathy over. She did her usual great job while visiting with the both of us. After Holiday Wishes we were soon on our way.

We stopped at Guardian Storage to check if there was any Mail delivered today and were surprised to see the Office already closed for the Holidays.

We continued over to Tim Horton’s where after finding some comfort we enjoyed a Coffee and a Snack. I was surprised to find that they have started a Rewards Program similar to Micky D’s where after purchasing Seven Beverages you qualify for a Reward of a Hot Beverage or a Pastry.

We then went next door to Pioneer gas station and topped the car with Gasoline. As we drove by other stations I realized that the Pioneer had the lowest prices going.

Driving by Walmart their parking lot was full and cars were lined up to the road to get in. Lots of last minute shoppers that we did not want to run into.

Back in our Apartment we settled in on the Computers getting caught up on reading the Blogs we missed this morning. It was after watching the 6 o’clock Local News that we finally sat down and finished the Leftovers from our lunch for supper. Since we have seen all the Hallmark Christmas Movies that were playing we found the movie “Scrooged” with Bill Murray and Karen Allen to watch.

Kathy and I want to wish all our Readers, Followers and their Families a Merry Christmas but Please “If you Drink, Please don’t Drive”. Make this a season of joy not despair and suffering.

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It’s about time.

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Ebenezer Scrooge, describing his former boss Fezziwig, Scrooge


  1. I am glad you were able to enjoy a visit with your sister. Just looking at your balcony pictures makes me feel cold!

    Merry Christmas to you both as well as your loved ones.

  2. Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy :-)

    You had a pretty sky yesterday morning and it sounds like a great visit with your sister ... the perfect way to spend the day before Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy.

    Not cold here today, the weather expected is 80* and sunny.

  4. Hahahaha I watched the very same movie!! Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy!!

  5. Burrrr that looks cold.
    Have a Merry Christmas
    Better have a extra cup of coffee to stay warm

  6. Merry Christmas to you and Kathy. Have a wonderful day and enjoy a delicious festive dinner.

  7. MERRY CHRISTMAS Rick and Kathy

  8. Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy, all the best in the new year.