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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas and A Different Kind Of Feast.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We truly hope that all our readers had the chance to have a Merry Christmas with those they wanted to be with.
What it looked like yesterday morning.
On a day that I had planned on sleeping in I was looking out the Balcony Door before 7:30 and even with the Sun not being up yet noticed something looked different. By the time I’d gotten things ready for breakfast it was easier to see that the area was being blanketed by Fog. Even with the warmer temperatures the moisture in the air made it feel cooler.
What it looked like this morning.
We managed to spend most of the morning on our Computers catching up on our reading as well as sending out a couple of correspondences. Our son Kevin called by 10:00 wishing us a Merry Christmas and reminding us of tomorrow’s get together.
Having had a Lite breakfast and not being certain what we’d be eating for supper we had a moderate but satisfying lunch. We had Split Pea with Ham Soup along with the rest of the Garden Salad Kathy had made on Monday. We enjoyed Yogurt Cups and Cookies for dessert along with Frozen Raspberry Hot Tea for our drink.
Lake St Clair was very calm.
It was shortly after 1:00 when our daughter Karen called to wish us a Merry Christmas and to see what our plans were. We had planned on stopping in later to say hello considering we haven’t been to their house since October. After a bit more time on the Computers we headed out to Tecumseh for our visit.
Sanford showing off his New Toy.
We met Greg in the driveway installing Dash Cams in their vehicles. It was something they all got from Santa as a way of protecting themselves from Careless Drivers. Sanford was the next to greet us then was on his way to fetch his Blanky until Kathy showed him his New Toy. The Blanky was the first gift we ever gave him and each time we stop in he brings it out to show us. Now with this New Toy he was walking around with it in his mouth showing it off to the other family members.
We enjoyed a cup of Tea and a piece of Fruit Cake while visiting with everyone there. Shortly after 4:30 we said our good-byes and headed out.
Our plan was to stop at a Chinese Restaurant for supper but most were closed and the ones that were open had lines out the doors of other like minded people. We were half way across the city of Windsor before we headed back to the east end. We chose to go to Domino’s Pizza and bring home a Medium Sized Thin Crunchy Crust Pacific Vegetarian Pizza with Bacon and Green Olives for supper. Domino’s was the only Pizza Shops in Windsor that were open and there was a steady flow of traffic picking up their meals. Our Pizza took Twelve Minutes to be ready.
Having used our Insulated Shopping Bags to bring our Pizza home in it was still Hot by the time we sat down to eat. We missed the 6 o’clock Local News so we’ll see what there is at 11:00. Like last night we have seen all the Hallmark Christmas Movies this year so we’ll watch one on another channel starting at 9:00.
Our Sunset
With plans for tomorrow we’ll see what happens. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

The World's Great Proverbs

The devil makes his Christmas pies of lawyer's tongues and clerk's fingers.


  1. Beautiful sunset! Merry Christmas to you and Kathy.

  2. I think it is so funny that Sanford always brings out his blanky and other toys YOU guys have gifted dog!

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas Day.

  3. I love seeing the puppy kid's toys! He's sure enjoying that one. Merry Christmas! Beautiful sunset!!

  4. How sweet that you brought him a special Christmas present! He's such a cutie and so very smart! Wonderful way to spend your day.

  5. Sanford is enjoying his new toy, we can't forget man's best friends!
    Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy! All the best in 2020!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas spent together!

  7. Glad you and Kathy had a wonderful day together. Happy New Year.