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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Relaxed Morning, Mayhem At The Mall and Family Gathering.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We certainly hope that all our readers were able to enjoy Christmas Day the way they wanted. Having enjoyed a much more relaxed Christmas yesterday then we remembered from years past we both slept like a couple of rocks. I was so relaxed that I slept past 8:00 this morning. Looking out the Balcony Door there was little Fog but plenty of Clouds.

After getting things ready for breakfast I was able to start some morning reading on the Computer before Kathy joined me. Breakfast was a Lemon Cranberry Muffin with our Coffee/Tea served at our Computers.
Peche Island in the middle of the Detroit River.
We then had a visit that was forecasted but unexpected as the Sun splashed its light into our Living Room. With an Afternoon Family Gathering planned we made it a Two Cup Morning and had a simple snack for lunch.
We headed out the door by 12:30 and our first stop was the Zehr’s grocery store just off Lauzon Parkway. We were there to pick up a Vegetable Tray as our contribution for today’s Gathering. As Kathy was looking at the small trays that were on display they were putting up Two Fresh Made Large Trays. We gladly walked out with One.
Tasty Fruit Punch
Our destination was Amherstburg so the quickest way to get there was the E. C. Rowe Expressway. As we travelled westbound we encountered the right lane at a stand still halfway to the Howard Avenue exit from Walker Road. Looking at the eastbound traffic exiting the Howard Avenue ramp it was backed up to Dougall. The cause of this traffic tie up was the Boxing Day Sales that were being offered at the Devonshire Mall. We were happy to avoid that Mayhem all together.
That is Monroe Michigan in the distance.

The temperature actually reached 54 F (12 C) this afternoon. What surprised us was to see boaters navigating the Detroit River and trying their hands at fishing. With the breeze I’m certain they were freezing out on the open water.
Ken wearing his Tuxedo Shirt for the occasion.
Kathy’s Sinuses were really bothering her and when we visited with my sister Anna on Tuesday she told us of a product that she uses. Since we were making good time when we reached Amherstburg we went to the Shoppers Drug Mart. While Kathy waited in the Car I went in search of the product. I was searching the shelves high and low and could not see it. When I asked the Stock Person for it he found it pushed behind other products.
Plenty of Food.
As soon as I got to the Car Kathy immediately gave it a try. The product is called Bio-Freeze and is actually a topical Liniment. It comes in a roll-on dispensing container which means that you don’t have to spread it with your hands or fingers. By simply doing a single swipe across her Forehead within minutes Kathy could feel the Sinus pressure easing thus reducing her Headache.
Lots of space. Another table behind me.
We were the first to arrive at our son Kevin and daughter-in-law Melissa’s house just before 2:00. We helped them carry some of the Food Trays out to the garage. Whenever there is a party the garage offers the space and conveniences for the occasions. Soon Ken had arrived followed by Kylla and Tyler then Karen with Greg. All the food was Finger Food so that we could simply nibble while we visited. We had great visit with the kids relating some of their antics as they grew up surprising their own children as they listened intently. The entire time everyone had been nibbling away at a small feast until it was time to head for home after 5:00. Everyone filled Zip-Lock Bags with food for tomorrow’s lunch as they waddled to their Cars. We doubt that we’ll have breakfast tomorrow.
Some go all out decorating for Christmas.
As we retraced our route home as we passed the Devonshire Mall the parking lot was still packed. Glad we weren’t there. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I am glad you both had an enjoyable time at your son's and daughter-in-law's house.

    Not having to go to any store or mall the day after Christmas is a good thing.

  2. I cannot imagine the shopping mayhem after Christmas. I definitely stay away from that! It looked like a great time in the garage! What a spread of food! Always nice to snack with friends and family!

  3. Wow 12C! I won't tell Dad, he's been cold since he got here... can't seem to warm up... even though its around 7C... We'll be out there in May, maybe we'll meet up for a coffee.

  4. Nice gathering and lots of food to share for home

  5. Sounds like a very nice family gathering.
    Interesting about the Biofreeze, good to know.

  6. Happy Box Day. Not being able to come to the Southwest this winter has its benefits. You got to see family for the holidays. Enjoy.

  7. Good to hear you weren't swallowed up by Boxing Day shoppers.
    Those garages sure come in handy when a large gathering outgrows the house. Looks like a great time was had.