It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, December 6, 2019

Plan C, New Neighbours In The Storage Unit, Checking On A New Printer and Hearing From Vera.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We were up by 8:00 this morning with the plans to get an early start that didn’t materialize. I didn’t even need to have to open the packages as soon as I compared the Plug Ends on the LED Lamps to those of the Short Extensions we purchased yesterday we moved on to Plan “C”.

These Light Strips will be used on the other Kitchen Cupboard and we will locate some Halogen Lights from our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. We had them in under the Cupboards in our Tecumseh apartment. There is plenty of wire on them so we won’t have to modify them. Since we won’t use them excessively we won’t worry about the Electricity they use.

After getting a few other things rearranged we made another List. We find that if we use a List there is a better chance that we will get everything on it.

For our late lunch we decided to have Macaroni and Cheese along with an Applesauce for dessert. We had just sat down to eat when the Sun popped through the Clouds. When I went to take a picture the Camera showed the message that it was time to change the Battery. As soon as we finished eating we both looked high and low and could not locate the Extra Battery and Charger. That meant adding another stop to our List.

We headed straight to Guardian Storage. We checked the Mail before heading to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit only to find a Moving Van off loading at the end of the building. Checking inside they were filling the Unit directly across from ours so there was no way to get in there so we’ll add it to our next List.

We stopped at Value Village as Kathy hoped to find a couple things without having to go to other stores to pay an Arm and a Leg for them. Since we’ve always had Bedroom Sets with Wooden Frames and Foot-Boards in the past we never needed a Mattress Skirt. When Kathy mentioned it to me I looked through the rack I was standing in front of to the other side and said “There’s One”. She thought I didn’t know what she meant but when she followed me around the rack there I was holding exactly what she wanted at a very reasonable price.

When we downsized from our last apartment before going Fulltime we got rid of a lot of Accent Pieces. Kathy was also looking for another Accent Piece to put on our Bookshelf. The week after we moved in she had found a unique Square Tea Pot. She looked at other things & then at other Tea Pots but she didn’t see what I saw because of my height. At the back of the shelf behind other Tea Pots was another Square Tea Pot again at a very reasonable price. Two Things she wanted and I found them both for her.

Our next stop was the east end Home Depot which was right across the street. With the receipt in hand they had no problem refunding me for the Two Special Extension Wires from the other store. Kathy had just been looking at the Christmas Decorations and looked out the door where they sell their plants in the warmer season and saw something different. We found the a Christmas Display created by the Store Employees. Apparently all the Southwestern Ontario Home Depot Stores have a little competition to see who can create the best display and this location has won the last Three Years.

It was already 5:00 and the Sunset was beautiful but without a working Camera there was no Picture. We stopped at the Michigan Diner where we both enjoyed their Perch Dinners with Onion Rings instead of Fries. Just like the last time it tasted great but there were so many Onion Rings we each brought some home for tomorrow.

After that big meal we drove to the Bulk Barn where we managed to get Dates, Raisins and Herbal Teas at prices lower then grocery store prices.

When we left I brought our purchases to the Car while Kathy walked next door to the Zehr’s grocery store. We needed some Fruit, Cereal, Hamburger and Perogies. In less then Ten Minutes we were at the checkout.

We stopped at Staples to drop off some old Ink Cartridges from our Printer because they recycle them. We also checked out the New Epson Eco-Printers that you fill with the different colours of Ink from Bottles rather then replacing Cartridges all the time. They print a lot more copies on a single fill then our HP does plus the cost of the Ink is less.

With the Cold North Wind blowing I dropped Kathy at the Front Door of the building before I parked the Car and brought our purchases upstairs. I had no sooner walked in the apartment when our Dear Friend Vera called. She has been sick for a while and had called but as soon as it would go to Voice Message she would hang up.

Not sure what we are up to tomorrow but hopefully it will involve going back to our Storage Unit. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Don't you just love it when you find what you want? I knew you would figure out those cabinet lights. Sounds like Kathy is having fun decorating!!

  2. Sounds like another good and productive day for the two of you. Always nice to find things that add those little touches to a home to make it special.

  3. Nice that you can often shop from your own things.

  4. You two are really bouncing around. I'll have to look into the Epson printer. I like the idea of ink refills.

  5. I always use my phone camera when I'm carrying my other one !!! Does your phone have a camera????

  6. What does Kathy do with her decor when it's time to move. Do you put it in storage and decorate your RV?