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Monday, December 2, 2019

On-Line Banking Whoas Again!

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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This morning we were up at a more realistic time but we hadn’t planned on going anywhere. It was so overcast that Kathy thought that she was getting up in the middle of the night. It wasn’t until she looked at the Clock that she really knew what time it was.
Wet from overnight Rain at 8:00.
We had a Two Cup morning at the Computers as well as accomplishing a few inside chores. Looking out the Balcony Door we could occasionally see White Flakes going by.

For lunch we shared the Leftover Celery Root along with the Leftover Onion Rings we brought home the other night and a Yogurt Cup for dessert.

With all the work that we’ve put into this move Kathy has had little time to take care of such things like our On-Line Banking. Unfortunately when she tried yesterday she was “Locked Out” of our account. If you recall when the Credit Union changed their On-Line Security last year we were there almost daily for a month before we could use their system. Even when we were in Quartzsite last Winter we had to call them a few times to get it Unlocked.
The Sun actually shone through the Clouds
for less then a Minute at 1:30.
I tried contacting Ashley but could only get her Voice Mail before lunch. After 1:00 when we continued getting nowhere we headed over to the Motor City Community Credit Union. After a short wait Carli was able to help us reset our Passwords and Unlock our Account.

We drove to Guardian Storage to get our Mail then we went to the Pioneer to fill the Car with Gasoline. We made a quick stop at Walmart for some walking to limber up. We also picked up a few groceries that Kathy had on the List.

Back at the Apartment I was able to get into my account by my Computer. Kathy was feeling tired so told me to do her accounts as well. My Computer would have nothing to do with it. Without any choice Kathy had to use her Computer to work her account. The big problem we were both having was the Passwords that Carli gave us were temporary and we were told to change them. We both got Locked Out again.
Still Cloudy at 4:00.
Another call to Carli had us both trying different things unsuccessfully. We had to pack up our Laptops and go back to the Credit Union where it took Carli nearly a Half Hour to get everything fixed up. One of the new Security Features is that you can’t reuse any of the last Twelve Passwords that you had used before.

It was nearly 5:00 when we were leaving the Credit Union so we thought about eating out. We had Coupons for Burgers and Chicken but Kathy was growing tired of those so she suggested Taco Bell. We each enjoyed a Triple Double Crunch Wrap and a Soft Drink without any Fries and were more then satisfied.

Back at the Apartment we both checked to see that our Computers were able to go to our On-Line Banking Site without any further problems. We watched the 6 o’clock Local News before watching a Hallmark Christmas Movie. We almost watched another but since we had only seen it the other day we channel surfed. We watched a Half Hour of Christmas Lights Wars. The Winners had over a Million Lights in their display that not only covered their Two Plus Acres of Property but the inside of their House as well.

Since we only saw the Sun for less then a Minute we are hoping for better tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I can understand your frustration with online banking. Ever since Walmart changed the issuing bank for their credit card last month I have had nothing but problems and keep on getting locked out of my account.

    Have had to change my password three times and I am becoming frustrated so I do not plan on using that card anymore.

    Here is hoping you get to see the sun tomorrow.

  2. I have an entire notebook of passwords from all the "incorrect password" notices I've received. It's frustrating to say the least. Glad you got it fixed!

  3. I too have to keep a notebook with passwords and changed passwords. Nice you have it fixed, hope it stays that way for you both.

  4. Hmm hopefully I will forget what you said about the winner of the The Great Christmas Light Flight because I haven't watched it yet. You do have a nice view out your apartment window!

  5. I would no have the patience to deal with a bank like that. Who has time to keep going in and getting things fixed in order to get online. There is no way I am going to pack up my large desktop computer to take into a bank.

  6. A few months ago I joined a food delivery plan called Misfits Market. Every other week I receive a box of veggies and fruit. This is produce misshaped, over or under sized or some other defect making it not up to the grocery stores standards. It is all organic. Last week I received this strange looking root thingy. After some investigation I found out it is celery root. I used it in a recipe I found..... chop it up, boil til soft in heavy cream and milk. Add nutmeg. Then cover with cedar cheese and bake til browned. I liked, hubby not so much. You and Kathy must both like celery root. It was all new to us.

    1. Make that Cheddar Cheese. Have no idea how putting some cedar on it would go!!!!

  7. Ugh, those password issues can be a nightmare. The only people that can figure them out are the hackers!
    Good luck.