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Monday, December 9, 2019

Rain, Appointments, Chores, Movies and Wind.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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It has happened many times before that we’ve set the Alarm at night to be certain we wake in the morning it did not help us sleep any better. We both kept waking throughout the night then having a problem to fall back to sleep. Another problem was that I somehow managed to bumble setting the Time we needed to be up by. I was able to get back to sleep for another Couple of Hours while Kathy would eventually find comfort in her Recliner in the Living Room instead.

The Weather Network had forecasted an All Day Rain and they were right. I picked Kathy up by the door and would drop her as close to the entrances throughout the rest of the day trying to keep her dry.

We managed to be on time for her Appointment with her Nose Specialist and surprisingly he was running less then a Half Hour behind. The issues that Kathy is having will be resolved but being that there are so few of these Specialists in the area her Surgery Date is booked for next August. In other words “Hurry Up and Wait”.

When we finished there it was practically lunch and since we had Coupons we stopped at the nearest Burger King. That was a Mistake. The food was decent but the location is within walking distance of Two High Schools that allow the students to go out for lunch. We could barely hear each other over the screaming of the students. When we walked out the door we noticed Taco Bell, Little Caesar’s, Subway, Pita Pit and a number of Ethnic Restaurants all in that small Strip Mall also dealing with the chaotic onslaught of students on lunch.

The Rain continued through our trip back to the apartment where I again dropped Kathy off at the Front Entrance to keep her dry. Once inside we both got busy doing what we needed to accomplish. Kathy needed to do some reorganizing while I had the Laundry to do. Kathy managed to find the missing Calendar for our Day Planner but not the Camera Battery and Charger. By the time I returned with all our Laundry folded she had already made up Manwich Sloppy Joes for supper. She must have thought we were younger then we are and served us double what we could eat. Reclaiming the Meat that she’ll recreate we only lost the Buns.

Tonight we not only watched the 6 o’clock Local News but a couple of Hallmark Christmas Movies and part of the National News. Getting to be real couch potatoes. The Rain has finally stopped but the Wind is really blowing a tune on the Balcony Railing and is supposed to blow that way all night. Tomorrow we have another morning Appointment but hopefully tonight we’ll both sleep. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
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  1. It also happens to me everytime I need to get up early and I set the alarm I keep on walking up all night long.

    I can just imagine the noise level at Burger King with all those high schoolers!

    I like your Krackers saying :)

  2. Packs of teenagers. A few minutes of crazed hormones and noise packed in a small space. I hope Kathy is ok!

  3. I never go to town around noon or 3:00. Those kids are just awful!! Interesting, we were never allowed to leave campus for lunch!!

  4. Our little town has open campus too, so I can imagine how crowded places are, as driving through town we know when lunch is by the kids that are out and about.

  5. If I can I always book medical appointments first thing in the morning or just after lunch. Less chance of having to wait too long to see the doctor. At least this is crossed off the list and you only have to wait until August. I had to wait a year for hip surgery.

  6. We lived across from our local high school and when they had open campus the garbage in the yard was never ending.