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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Great When It Works.

Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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When we look back at the modern conveniences that our Parents and Grandparents had at their disposal we cringe. When we tell our Grandchildren what we remember as we were growing up most times they don’t believe what we are telling them. Wind-Up Phones, or those with the Rotary Dial hung on the wall and Party Lines.

Looking back at things our children grew up using has even changed. Things we saw on Television back then was considered Science Fiction. Buck Rogers flying off to different planets. Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew boldly going where no humans had gone before. Even Maxwell Smart’s Shoe Phone.

Today we see those as a reality that the Millennials take for granted. Many don’t know how to put down their Cell Phones and hold a conversation or to sign a pay-cheque. Like George Jetson many of us are sitting back and having a hard day when we have to push a button or turn a knob because everything has become Computerized. The problem is when the Computer doesn’t want to do its job what do you do?

That was the dilemma today. Both Mile and I agreed as to which job would be first on my list at 6:00. Within Twenty Minutes it was mounted in the Plasma Transfer Arc and I was adding the Data as well as changing the Powder. With this being a smaller diameter Feedscrew Mile suggested doing a dry run without the actual Arc which is actually quite easy. Just like the Two Smaller Screws that I had problems with this week the Computer Guided Torch would not hold it’s track on the Spiral Mode. The Data was adjusted way past what should have been necessary to correct the problem with no affect. When Mile the Owner and Vinnie the Engineer watched as the numbers on the screen kept changing (they should not have) before their eyes they finally got concerned.

Even though I warned them, they contacted Ted the Field Tech for the Star-Weld Company that produced the PTA in Goshen, Indiana. Ted’s wife was not too happy because they were on their way out to a Thanksgiving Celebration. She repeatedly told him just to hang up. We now have Ted’s E-Mail Address at work that he will respond to on Monday.

That was a very mentally draining morning. In the meantime there is now a Ten Inch Feedscrew in the PTA waiting for a new Bearing Surface in the morning. I didn’t tell Mile or Vinnie but the Spiral Mode worked just fine on the Larger Unit.

We had a heat wave today.

Kathy and I hope that all our American Readers had the chance to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving. (Hopefully nobody called you up with anything Work-Related.)

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Thanks Rick and Kathy, we had a great Thanksgiving boondocking in the desert Southwest.