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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

We Were Both Wet, Owner Awed and Upcoming Interview.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After the Morning Walk Around the plant it didn’t even take Fifteen Minutes to complete the modifications to the Rack this morning. With an additional Handle and Braces it will last for many Years.

I knew what I had to do as far as sorting the Carriers that were meant to hang from this Rack but someone had parked another Skid of useless trash in front of it. Seeing Tom a driver I politely asked him to move it and it was done in seconds. (Better then screaming at someone any day.)

My job was to sort these Carriers and hang the best on the Rack but the way they had been just thrown in a pile on these Skids it was like untangling Fishing Line. By the time I had one freed it took time to straighten the Hooks on the spot or I had to walk back to the Compound to use the Vise and Pipe Wrench to get all the Kinks worked out. Since this was by an inside wall of the plant there was no Air Circulation and by the time I finished my Clothes and Coveralls were totally soaked. It was just before lunch when that was finished and even though the Rack was designed to hold 72 Carriers it ended up holding 84.

For the second time in as many days Kharen the Supervisor was smiling and amazed at how easy the Rack moved with all that weight. He still wanted me to continue straightening the remaining Carriers but since most needed more aggressive adjustments I convinced him to drive the Skids over to the Compound. Remember when I worked on the Loading Docks last week how I questioned his Forklift abilities. As he was driving the First Skid over to the Compound the Skid shifted and Carriers began to slide off. Instead of lowering the load he raised it which flipped the entire thing on the floor.

After I hauled the Carriers by hand it was time for lunch. I lowered my Coveralls to around my waist in an attempt to cool down and dry off slightly. Talking to on my phone Kathy I related my morning as did she about going out to Zehr’s grocery store for needed food supplies. Even though she was outside for only a short time this morning she was also drenched in sweat.

Spending the remainder of the shift in the Compound helped slightly because I had a Fan to circulate the air. While I was straightening a Carriers Paul the Owner came in looking for a controller but told me to keep doing what I was doing. The Carrier I was working on was really BAD but I kept bending it this way and that way before ending up with a completely straight Carrier. As I turned to go place it on the finished Skid I saw Paul standing in awe with his mouth open shaking his head in disbelief of what I had just done.

It didn’t take long after arriving at the Apartment that stripped off my Wet Clothes and got in the Shower. I was drying off when Kathy told me my Cell Phone kept going off. Once I was dressed the Log showed it was Angela so I called immediately. An Employer wanted me to go for an Interview/Welding Test at 2:00 tomorrow but knowing what I had said about 4:00 she was waiting for a reply from him.

Kathy made Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls with Vegetable Rice for supper along with Chocolate Donuts she got at the grocery store for dessert. We also topped it off with another bottle of Carbonated Juice. I’m not into drinking many Carbonated Drinks but this seems to settle my stomach nicely especially on hot days.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported that there was 1 New Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region today along with 19 Active Cases.

Our high temperature felt like 97 F (36 C) due to all the Rain we have been getting so now we know why we were both so wet today. Our Humidex will continue to be high this week and we should also see many more Rain Showers.

Believe it or not we watched a Christmas in July movie this evening.

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It’s about time.


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  1. I’m running behind but catching up. We watched ‘Farman’ last night, a Mel Gibson Santa movie it was good.