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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Getting Framed and Comment Response.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Not really thinking that it would be that cool when I walked out the back door of the building this morning it was cause to speed up my step to get in the Truck. There were hardly any Clouds in the sky with barely any breeze.

Since there were no breakdowns to contend with this morning I did the Walk Around checking things out. What I was surprised about was again I found the Blowers for the Ovens turned off on the Mezzanine. As soon as I saw Paul the Owner on the Main Floor I mentioned it and he scrambled to rectify the problem.

One of the things I am also supposed to do is look for Carriers in need of repair. Of the Hundreds ready to be used there was only One that needed a quick weld to return it to service. What made me smile was when I spotted Paul watching me carry this to the Compound then again when I returned it minutes later. Another quick check and I was heading back to the Compound empty handed.

Since I had cut all that Material in preparation for the Powder Coating Booth modification over the last couple of days it was time to assemble it all. Using the Iron Worker I coped, bevelled and notched the Materials for One Frame at a time before welding them together only stopping for my breaks.

When I talked to Kathy at my 1:00 lunch she was comfortable just opening the Balcony Door and Windows to keep the Apartment comfortable. Her Knee was also doing better though she wasn’t wearing her Brace.

Since I saw no Carriers in need of repair this morning I waited until after my lunch to check for more. That was when I saw Kharen the Supervisor for the first time during the shift. When he saw me examining Carriers he never said a word. Instead I signalled him towards the Compound indicating I wanted to talk.

He was surprised when I showed him all the Frames already assembled and calmly answered questions about other things I asked about working on next week. (This can’t be the same guy.) With my questions answered it was his turn to show me a Pump he wants me to work on next week. After we checked for Pipe Couplings he led me to the front Office where there was a Used Pump on the floor. Paul was happy that he got it so cheaply. (Nothing New.)

I was finishing the last Frame when I noticed a piece of Material missing. Checking my List showed that it had been cut so someone had walked off with it. By the time I left all the Frames were welded and cooling down. That missing piece will probably show up next week.

Back at the Apartment one of the first things I did was call Angela. She had not heard back from the Job Interview from last week so she E-Mailed them and will call them tomorrow. She’ll also call to let me know what she learns.

For supper Kathy made Grilled Salmon Fillets, Grilled Potato Slices and a Garden Salad. I topped it off with a bottle of Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) and Date Squares for dessert.

Since I was in the shower I missed the beginning of the 6 o’clock Local News so didn’t see any reports about the Coronavirus or the Active Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region.

Our high temperature today felt like 79 F (26 C) which was wonderful for me in the plant.

Franklin’s Comment brought up an interesting concern in yesterday’s Blog. The Safety Guard I repaired was Bolted in place but seeing evidence that it had been poorly welded at some time in the past I also welded it for added security. The Old Welds were probably to take the place of the Missing Bolts. The Liability would be with the Company as it was their Agents (Supervisor and Owner) that directed me to do so.

Considering that I have been welding for over Fifty Years of which Forty were Professional I often held Canadian Welding Bureau High Pressure Pipe Tickets. While on layoff from one job would be doing Ship Repairs outside at Morton Terminal during the Winter I am confident my welds will hold up.

Even though the temperature will slowly increase through the remainder of the week I’m hoping tomorrow will be as good as today was.

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment unless it personally attacks someone for their opinion or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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