It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Busy/Hot Shift, Dehydrated and More Interviews.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After enjoying a Three Day Weekend when the Alarm went off this morning there was a temptation to ignore it but fortunately my Clock doesn’t have a Snooze Button. There was only a single Carrier waiting for repairs when I arrived at the plant but the humidity was already noticeable.

After doing my morning Walk Around making note of a few more things needing attention I headed back to the Compound to take care of business. That Carrier wasn’t even finished when Paul the Owner came looking for the long Pry Bar. I mentioned that it was still by the Compressor I had uncrated because I had been told to leave it there and by who. By the time I returned from the Mezzanine my Coveralls were soaked. Paul mentioned keeping the Bar in the Compound where it could be easily found without guessing where it was.

With the Carrier finished I found material to make a brace for a Safety Guard that kept on falling away from the V-Belts it was meant to cover. Finding the Electric Drill, Extension Cord and Materials I needed I returned to the Mezzanine and began the task but I needed a second Drill Bit to finish the Job. I was gone probably Ten Minutes then Five Minutes later the task was done and I gathered all the Tools before heading down.

Perfect timing as it was first break. I rehydrated and dried up a bit before checking for more Carriers by the Line. I found Two Large Carriers that needed straightening and Pieces replaced. I was nearly finished the Second when Paul stopped in to mention a problem with one of the Loading Docks in the Shipping Area. After delivering the Carriers I checked out the Dock and knew what would be needed.

When I returned to the Compound there was Kharen the Supervisor working on a pipe fitting. Needing to have control of everything I do he questioned what I had done. Answering him honestly of what I had done as well as being sent to work on the Loading Docks he snapped make sure you don’t leave any Tools behind mentioning he saw Tools on the Mezzanine this morning. (He got in trouble over the Pry Bar.) Telling him the job was still in progress when he saw them and they were now in the Compound stopped his picking.

I pushed the Welding Machine over to the Shipping Area but went for lunch because Trucks were being loaded. Kathy was glad to hear I had things under control and told me to stay Safe.

After using a Shovel to clean debris from under the deck I was able to get it repaired enough that they could continue loading Trucks but more welding is needed. The Shipper told me after 8:00 in the morning I should have a few hours to finish the job.

Not being able to leave the Welding Machine outside the Compound I had to personally push it back. Even though I had been drinking plenty of Water to stay hydrated by the time I got back to the Compound I had a Pounding Headache which is a sign of Dehydration.

Gatorade and more Water got me to the end of the shift and home where an Extra Strength Tylenol and my Recliner helped ease the Headache but I had Calls to make. First was Susanne who confirmed the Owner of the Company I did the Welding Test wanted to see me in person on Thursday. I asked for 4:00 which means I have to leave work exactly at 3:30 to make that. She said that was a good sign and wished me luck.

Unfortunately I had to reschedule my Blood Donor’s Appointment for the time being.

Then I had to call Angela about another Job Interview but since she was doing one at the moment we scheduled for tomorrow. Why is it there are no Jobs available then suddenly they are coming out of the woodwork?

To say that I wreaked would be an understatement so I gladly listened to Kathy’s insistence that I take my shower before the News.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they talked about 1 New Coronavirus Case bringing the total Active Cases to 34 in the Windsor/Essex Region. Unfortunately they also reported 1 more Death due to the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus itself.

Our afternoon high temperature felt like 109 F (43 C) and from how wet my Coveralls were I would say it was warmer.

For supper we had Toasted Tomato Sandwiches and the last of the Pecan Cake for dessert. I’m just finally feeling like I’ve had enough to drink and I don’t mean Alcohol.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


What time does a duck wake up?

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  1. I am so saying prayers you get another job soon. Gatorade is a good drink to replenish your body. Good luck.

  2. You are so valiant and brave and stoic. I would have been tempted to apply that pry bar to several people. I can't believe people still act that way....what happened to workplace rules???