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Friday, July 23, 2021

Repairing Their Tools.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After doing my morning walk around the Paint Line and Mezzanine there were a few things added to my lists of equipment needing attention. During my initial walk the Line I even straightened a few Carriers that were about to be sent to the Compound for repairs instead they were immediately hung on the Line for use.

Back at the Compound getting the last Frame completely drilled was my priority but while I was in the process Kharen the Supervisor stopped by. He asked where I got the Drill Bit. He was a little surprised when I said it was a broken one that I resharpened. He said it was impossible to sharpen Bits on that Grinder. The only thing I could do was point to the Bit and all the Frames already drilled.

I was in the process of sweeping up the Shavings when Paul the Owner stopped in saying he heard I was having trouble drilling. He then handed me a Drill Bit Kit that had over Two Hundred Bits in it. His next words were to “Hide it so it doesn’t disappear”.

Having worked with Metal the better part of my life I don’t waste Materials. Years ago at another job I was given Thirty Sheets of Metal to build an Industrial Parts Washer. When the Machine was completed there were Ten Sheets of Metal still in the Rack. By the first break this morning just using Scraps that had been hanging around the Compound before I started I already had Six Panels cut.

I’ve mention numerous times how Paul buys things Used or at Industrial Auctions. This Shear only has a Seven Foot Wide bench to it where most Metal Sheets are Eight Feet Long. That means you really have to think ahead how you make your cuts.

I finally brought a new (a word you will only use around Metal in this Company) Aluminium Sheet over. After laying out the pieces I needed to cut I went about the process carefully. On the final cut I got a big surprise. When I tripped the Shear it continued cycling with the Blade repeatedly coming down. Experience had me killing the Power quickly.

That was when I had the chance to see the problem. The next thing I did was get My Tools and start repairing it. By the time I saw Kharin I simply waved him over. After explaining the problem and that the repair was nearly finished he gave me a Thumbs Up and walked away.

Five Minutes later I was back to using the Shear so I could start fastening Aluminium Panels to the Steel Frames using Pop-Rivets.

It was Raining fairly hard when I called Kathy so I just stayed in the Compound for my break. The best part is that my Shift ends Two Hours after my lunch. I didn’t get all the Panels installed and there are more to cut on Monday but when the Powder Coat Booth Modification takes place it will be a quick process.

After stopping at Motor City Community Credit Union I was still in the Apartment minutes after 4:00.

We had a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Spinach Pizza for supper and we topped it off with a Chocolate Pudding Cup for dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they barely spoke about the Coronavirus and gave no numbers for the Windsor/Essex Region. As for the Weather Reports we are going to see more Hot Temperatures with Rain thrown in for good measure.

In response to Comments I do enjoy the variety of work I am doing here just not the Attitude that I get from Management. Like I said before I treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

Even though I’m off for the weekend we’ll be busy.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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