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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Screaming Again, Made Them Happy and Good Interview.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After having such a good day at work yesterday I was surprised to see a bunch of Carriers waiting to be repaired outside the Compound this morning. Unlike yesterday I could see Paul the Owner moving stock at the far end of the plant on a Forklift.

As soon as I’d finished the Morning Walk Around I started fixing the smaller Carriers but that didn’t last long. Kharin the Supervisor comes charging into the Compound saying something was down and I should grab some Tools and get over there. The problem is that he was in Panic Mode and with his Harsh Accent he becomes hard to understand. When I found the problem he started screaming at me for bring the wrong choice of Tools.

When I returned Paul started screaming at me because some of the vent holes on the Electric Motor were plug making it overheat. I’ve been brushing them off as much as possible since I started the Extra Duties. Then he sees the Tools I’m using and asks where those came from. Saying simply they were mine. He again asks why I haven’t organized the Company Toolbox. My response was like the last time because I’m too busy and don’t have a spare minute.

After they disconnected the Electricity I uncoupled the Pump and removed the 30 Horsepower Motor by myself. Luckily it only weighed Seventy-Five Pounds. Back at the Compound When we removed the Fan Shield there was years of Grime inside not just from the last Two Months. The Motor burnt itself out because the Fan jammed up. Paul complained that that Motor had never given him any trouble in Thirty Years. That’s about how much Grime was packed in there.

I returned to the Compound to continue fixing the Carriers so they could not say I was wasting time. That’s when Kharin shows up with another assignment. Grab a Step Ladder, Tape Measure, Note Pad and Pen. Since the Powder Coating Section of the Line was not working he explained what needed to be measured and why before leaving me alone.

What it looked like most of the day. There were Showers.

Thankfully because of the Local Health Unit Bylaw due to the Coronavirus I am wearing a Mask at work and not breathing that Powder. Thankfully the Powder Coating Section was not working but there was still plenty of that Powder in the Air and on all the Surfaces. I had to keep dumping the Powder off my Note Pad so I could mark my measurements.

The New 30 Horsepower Electric Motor was waiting in the Compound when I returned. That really surprised me since Paul never buys anything New. Kharin suggested taking an early lunch so I could install it afterwards.

For Safety’s Sake it is not recommended using an Air Hose but I did to turn my Coveralls back to Blue from their present colour of Black. Not fun eating lunch with that falling in your food.

Kathy's lunch. Chicken Noodle Soup with Cheese on Crackers
along with Orange Slices and a Chocolate Pudding Cup for dessert.

That surprised Kathy that I called so early but she was surprised the way I was being yelled at again by both Paul and Kharin. We figure they just want to sound like they are in charge. (Personally it sounds like someone who has lost control.)

Earlier when I had disassembled the Old Motor I marked where the Shims went so when I installed the New Motor it saved me lots of time.

When I told them they could hook up the New Motor they were both in shock. I went back to working on the Carriers for the remainder of the shift.

I took extra care to wash up as much as possible before leaving for the day. I snacked on the last of the Grapes that Kathy packed with my lunch. When I arrived for the Welding Test/Interview I stood close to the Truck and put on a dry fresh T-Shirt.

The Receptionist was outside having a smoke break with a coworker but must have been expecting me. She called me by name when I approached and told me to go inside and sit down. With nobody else in sight I remained standing because with the Air Conditioning working it was helping to dry the rest of my clothes.

Tyler came to get me for the Welding Test. He showed me what I needed to weld and left. When he returned he was surprised that I was already finished. He said that showed my experience. Mike the Scheduling Supervisor gave the Business Interview. I answered him honestly and he liked my answers. I might have to start Steady Afternoons before an opening on Day Shift becomes available.

I called Kathy from the Truck to say I was on my way home. It was 5:55 when I walked into the Apartment. Before I even sat down I set a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza to cook for supper.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported that there were 3 New Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region and there were 19 Active Cases in the area.

Our high temperature felt like 99 F (37 C) today. Tomorrow and Saturday will be Rainy Days.

Noticing the time we realized we didn’t hear the Timer go off. The Pizza was a little overcooked but still edible.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I hope you are considering the afternoon shift if you are offered the job. You need to get away from those two for your own health and sanity.

  2. I agree with Phyllis! What horrible place to work!

  3. Yes, your crazy work place sounds like it could be in a novel. Staying sane there is quite a feat, but apparently you have done it. (Well, maybe not. Kathy would know. Ha.)