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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Security Gate Installed and Agreeing With Comments.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Last night before I left the plant at the end of my shift I gathered my Welding Shield, Welding Gloves, MIG Pliers, 10” Adjustable Wrench and 7” Combination Square. Those were the only personal Tools that remained after the Weekend Break-in.

When the shift started I immediately returned to building the Security Gate without going for my morning walk or talking to anyone in Management. Minutes later I found out someone had placed a Lock on the Gang-Box where some of the Power Tools were stored and I needed them. Asking Paul the Owner for the Key he had no idea who put it there but found a Key that would not work. His order “Cut it off”.

By 8:30 the Gate was totally welded and I was beginning to haul the Welding Machine outside. Don’t forget this unit is meant to roll around on a nice smooth surfaces. Here I was rolling across Weather Damaged Cement. Once it was where it would practical I then had to pass the Power Cord through the Compound Window so it could be plugged in along with an extension cord.

Inside having gotten Power I was about to head back to the job when Kharen the Supervisor waves me over and starts walking towards the Paint Line. He wanted me to start modifying Carriers. Before he could go any further I said there was the possibility of a storm this afternoon and I needed to finish welding the Security Gate before I did anything else. He was about to say something when I walked away.

Since I was again working at mounting this Hundred Pound Gate by myself I was very surprise when the Level showed it to be perfect. Starting with stitches (Not Medical or Sewing) I was in the process of cleaning the Welding Gun when I saw Paul looking. I pointed at the Level then showed him how I would add Clips that would Bolt through the Old Door to add security. He gave me a Thumbs Up before walking away.

Once all the welding was done and the clips installed it didn’t take long to insert the Homemade Bolts. (They have no Heads.) At that time I brought all the smaller tools inside before pushing the Welding Machine back inside. I even stopped to catch my breath a few times before reaching the Compound.

Kharen was insistent that I see his problem. He wants me to rotate the Clips on a particular style of Carrier so the parts will stay in place better. I brought it back to the Compound to measure so even though things would be different they would be the same. I wrote everything on the Workbench before sketching it in my Notepad.

Thankfully it was my 1:00 lunch and I could talk with Kathy. She had checked out the Balcony but quickly returned to the Air Conditioned Apartment.

When I returned inside the Forklift Driver had finally moved things away from inside the Old Door I had put the Bolts through. Now I could finally put the Nuts and Washers on the inside.
When I returned to the
Compound Kharen asked where was I. “Just finishing the Job.” (I don’t think he likes my matter of a fact answers.) When he said I took too long I replied I used the tools I had. I showed him my measurements and he agreed but he wanted me to modify different style of Carrier like that even though it was far from the one that I measured up.

Then he saw the Lock that I cut off. He started screaming again showing me a Key he claimed would open it. Then told him Paul had repeatedly tried that Key before telling me to “Cut it off”. He left in a flash.

It felt comfortable sitting in the Air Conditioned Apartment while I cooled down. I called our Insurance Company who said my Tools were in fact covered but there was a Thousand Dollar Deductible. I applied for another Job before supper.

It’s been ages but we had open-faced Manwiches for supper. There is lots more that might end up as a Spaghetti SauceWe finished the Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls for dessert.

Our 6 o’clock Local News announced 0 New Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region. That also brought our Active Cases to 0 for the first time in over Fourteen Months.

Our temperature today felt like 97 F (36 C) which I am happy to say I was back inside the building by the time that happened.

Having read everyone’s Comments I totally agree but will keep working with the few Tools I have and bringing them home every night until they supply me with some or I leave for another Job.

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment unless it personally attacks someone for their opinion or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. You sure do keep your cool. Sure hope something comes along soon.

  2. I have to agree with Doug! Nice that Kathy got out with her daughter!