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Friday, July 9, 2021

Cooler, Quick Repairs, Selective Hearing and Tight Fit.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It was only 52 F (11 C) when I headed off to work this morning. Because of the way the southern tip of the Province is surrounded by water it is not unusual for temperatures to be cooler then areas North of us. It would be a day I would not break a Sweat.

There were still sections of the plant floor that were slightly wet from last night’s Rain but the Roofing Company has not gotten to that section of the building yet.

When the shift started I went about my Morning Walk Around carrying the Grease Gun. That was one of those Extra Duties that I had never gotten into doing. Each of the Motors, Pumps or Shaft Bearings I lubricated I marked the Date next to it using Soapstone.

Heading back to the Compound I picked up a few Carriers along the way that were easily straightened then returned to the Line.

Returning empty handed to the Compound I finished cutting the remaining materials for the Rack that I would be building. Once that was completed I again checked the Paint Line for any Carriers that needed repair but having brought my Tools with me I managed to fix a few without hauling them away. It was funny when I looked up one time both the Supervisor and the Lead Line Worker were watching me in action and when I finished they both gave me a Thumbs-Up. I continued that hourly walk throughout the shift which meant that Kharen never came to the Compound once today.

Kathy went walking around Walmart looking for a few Personal Items she was in need of so we missed our lunchtime call.

Paul the Owner stuck his head in the Compound wondering where I had put the 3-in-1 Oil the other day. Since he didn’t tell me where to put it Kharen had suggested keeping it where we knew it was. When I handed it to him he asked if I was one of those people with Selective Hear. My response was no but I wear Ear Plugs to protect my hearing and did not hear him.

After welding Two and a Half of the Tiers needed for the Rack the Wire Spool on the Welding Machine went empty so I switched it out for the only one at hand that was already open. Remember how I’ve mentioned many times how Paul the Owner is very Cheap. He buys things On-Line for Pennies on the Dollar. The problem with this purchase was that it was a smaller diameter Wire then what I was using. I had to flip the Drive Wheels and tightened the Tension which helped to Tack but not to Weld. Since the Contact Tips are too big for this Wire you cannot get a consistent bead.

I had just enough time to secure the Tiers standing against a Column before it was time to start my weekend. I’ll let them know of the problems on Monday and expect to get blamed for it.

After stopping at the Motor City Community Credit Union I was at our building shortly after 4:00. There was only One Parking Spot available because the Contractors are working on the Entrance Driveway. I had no problem backing into the Spot but the Car that I’m parked next to won’t be able to get in their Driver’s Door. Their front wheel is on my side of the line but there was Six Feet between the next car.

Shortly after I sat down with a Root Beer to relax Angela called in response to the message I left last evening. I mentioned that it just did not feel like a good fit for what I can and like to do. She has a couple of companies looking for someone with my Skills. Since she needed my Okay to submit my Resume to them and this is already the weekend I probably won’t hear anything until at least Tuesday.

We watched the 6 o’clock Local News but they didn’t talk about the Coronavirus Numbers today.

Our afternoon high temperature only felt like 82 F (28 C) just around 6:00 this evening.

We had Macaroni and Cheese for supper along with Poached Pears for dessert.

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment unless it personally attacks someone for their opinion or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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