It's about time.

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Slight Accident, Psych Evaluation and Not A Good Fit.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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I was just parking the Truck this morning when the Rain started. Not wanting to wait it out I barely got wet getting in the building when the Lightning started. That’s when it really started coming down. Another strange thing was that there were only a couple of Leaks in the roof. Having contracted that out is already paying for itself by not disrupting production.

After the morning Walk Around and repairs to different Carriers I was surprised when Kharen the Supervisor said I was doing good on the Carriers but he had another job for me. A particular Carrier was simply being piled in a stock basket and it was causing problems getting them out. He wanted me to figure out how to build a Rack to hang them from.
When I saw him an Hour later he liked the design and Okayed me to start making it. That was not what I expected but if he was happy I was happy. I then had to start carrying by hand all the Materials from the Back Bay to the Compound and to start cutting it to the lengths I needed.

Thank goodness it was lunch time so I talked with Kathy and reminded her of my Interview after work.

Just as I stepped back in the plant there was Kharen. There had been a slight accident resulting in a Worker needing to go to the Clinic. The problem was a Rack with Carriers had gotten knocked over and I had to check everyone of them and straighten the ones that were bent. (Now we’re back to normal. Worry about the Carriers but not the Worker.)

I straightened the Fifteen Carriers that were slightly bent with little problems and even cut more of the Material for the Rack before it was time to punch out. Washing up as best as I could I was soon driving through another Rain Storm on my way to me Interview.

I was just about to call the Phone Number at the door to announce my arrival when John appeared to let me in. He insisted I relax in the Conference Room but I stood while waiting so my clothes would dry. Having someone else sit in I easily passed the Print Reading as I had the Welding Test on Monday but the rest of the questions were the equivalent of a Psych Evaluation Test. They explained they had Three Positions to fill. They then took me around the Plant explaining their business and process. When we returned to the Conference Room I was told they would discuss this meeting in the morning and have Susanne contact me if I had been selected.

Luckily I had put my Phone on Mute so that I didn’t hear the Tornado Warnings until I was on my way home. That long drive also gave me time to reflect. We’ve always been told that “Variety is the Spice of Life” and that’s what I have always enjoyed about my Trade it allows for that. This Job that I tested and interviewed for would mean I would constantly be doing the same thing each and every day. If your heart is not into it the Job is not a good fit.

I needed my Raincoat from the Truck to the building but by the time I got in the Apartment the Rain had stopped. Kathy was already watching the 6 o’clock Local News but they had already talked about the Coronavirus Numbers before I arrived.

Our afternoon high temperature only felt like 100 F (38 C) just before 3:00. Our future forecast is showing a lot of Rain.

Since I was late getting home we had a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Spinach Pizza for supper. They fill us up, their inexpensive and they are ready in Fifteen Minutes.

After discussing the way I felt with Kathy’s blessing I left a Voice Mail thanking them for their interest. I also mentioned they have a beautiful state of the art building that someone would be luck to work in but that it’s not for me.

I then left another Message for Angela saying that I was interested in the Job she was offering last night if it was still available. If not I’m still working and hopefully the right Job for me will soon pop up.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. It's good to recognize that a job just wouldn't be a good fit. You are very good at troubleshooting and your current company definitely needs some one with that talent. I believe you have learned how to deal with your supervisor. But when you talk about your coveralls getting drenched.....that's tough to deal with.

  2. Totally concur with your assessment Rick - At your stage and level of expertise, commitment and track record in your chosen profession & career, I believe you have earned the opportunity to be selective with where you work and responsibilities you wish to take on. The current situation is simply too hazardous to the health & safety of the operations personnel on the floor- Underfunded,understaffed, sketchy inconsistent & reactionary decision processes make this place an IED waiting to be rolled over.

  3. I'm laughing. You're an adrenaline junkie as many of us are... liking something a little different going on all the time. That's probably why you've survived so far in your current job - that plus your skills and brains. Ha. And from what it sounds like, every day at this current job is Franklin said, an IED waiting. I do hope you can find somehing a little less exciting, but still interesting.

  4. Good to hear you're in a great position to pick and choose from your interviews. Maybe with the management settling down you might just decide it has the variety and excitement you need. Good luck.