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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

On Our Way

Our Location today is Valdosta, Georgia.

Sorry we missed the post yesterday but it just seemed that if something could delay us it did. We were up at 5:00 Friday morning in hopes of beating the rush but by the time we ate breakfast and loaded everything we were bringing to the trailer we didn’t hit the road until nearly 7:30. 

When we arrived at the US Customs inspection at the Ambassador Bridge the only ones we’d beaten were the birds because there were eight RVs in line ahead of us. After an hour of waiting to speed the inspection process up they sent a couple of inspectors to do the interior searches of the trailers. The guy that checked our trailer found that Kathy had brought a green pepper from home which is a major no-no this week and promptly confiscated it from us. 

Once we were on the road it seemed like we were making great time until we hit construction work that was taking place in the southern part of Ohio. To drive that twenty mile stretch took us over two hours. All the time made earlier was lost very quickly with that. Later as we drove through Cincinnati on I-75 the maximum speed we hit was 30 mph.

After a late lunch it was another hour before we finally entered Kentucky where we stopped for our first fuel stop. We also had problems with people driving well below the posted minimum speed and driving over the line most of the time because they were busy texting while driving.  

Because the weather was still very cold and I had been unable to repair the open access door under our trailer we pushed on until after 9:00 and spent the night at a Pilot Truck stop just outside of Knoxville Tennessee. When we got up this morning frost had to be scraped off the windows in order to hit the road. 

When we started out again we were making good time thinking we’d make up for yesterday’s delays. Wrong! Just after crossing into Georgia traffic again came to a crawl. We travelled well over twenty miles in just over an hour until we came to the problem. A pick-up truck towing a trailer with an antique truck had a flat and all the Gawkers were slowing to a crawl to look causing the backup. 

After lunch we figure it was time to activate our MiFi with Verizon but the place that we stopped at wasn’t a Corporate Headquarters so we had to go back north to another location to have it done. A simple task that took another two hours and seemed harder to deal with because it had started to really rain. 

Once it got dark and the rain continued as we were driving through a construction zone a woman directly ahead of us decided to come to a complete stop for no reason other than she was scared. Luckily when she had started slowing down I had already started applying the brakes. When she hit the brakes I was standing on ours and flooring the horn. We as well as others had to drive around her as she finally continued to drive on at about 20 MPH. 

So another late night but we’ll arrive at Yellow Jacket RV Park tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.        


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  1. Sure are long travel days, not much fun.
    5 hours is enough for us, then stop for a few days. After all we we are at home anyplace we stop.

  2. Sounds like some nightmare traffic alright. Been well over 40 years since I traveled that I-75 corridor to Florida. It was bad then so must be totally nuts now. Don't have the patience for that kind of traffic chaos anymore & texting drivers would have me just livid!! Safe travels & enjoy the warm weather when you get there..........

  3. Sorry to hear about the traffic snags, but glad you are off and running. Safe travels!

  4. Hope today's traveling is going much smoother. :) I hated those long days on the road - glad we don't have to do them anymore. Six hours is super long for us now.

    We were lucky when we were on I-75 last week. The traffic wasn't bad at all. We'll see how it goes on Thursday when we leave.

  5. And I thought our drive down was bad. You sure have us beat. You must be so happy to have actually landed!!