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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Redeeming A Merry Thanksmas Gift.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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We were both downstairs having breakfast by 8:00 this morning. With not too much planned we were having a leisurely morning enjoying our Coffee/Tea at our Computers. We just didn’t seem to have the energy to do much else after yesterday’s workout.

One of the things we have always stressed to our Family is to give us Gift Cards rather then something that will take up valuable living space in our Trailer. While holding our Merry Thanksmas Family Celebrations this year our daughter-in-law Jen gave us such a Gift to a local establishment in Kingsville. Since it is a fair drive from our present location and we were still recovering from the sudden Lay Off we thought today would be the perfect day to try it out.
Trees are changing colour.
We had to call to make a Reservation in order to secure our luncheon meal which is the only meal they serve. After we cheated by going On-Line and checking out their Menu which caused a problem when our mouths started to water just imagining the taste. It was a good thing that we had to take a Half Hour later time then we planned because of Road Construction Detours along the way.
We soon arrived at Annabelle’s Tea Room to find they have very limited parking and glad we had our Car and not the Truck. In less then Five Minutes we were being seated at our table which was perfectly set with China and Silverware. The rooms are already decorated for Halloween a tradition that takes place for all the Holidays.
We chose a pot of Berry Berry Tea as our refreshment. The entire meal was served on Chinaware that was imported from England. Checking the Menu again in case it had changed in the last Hour we ordered the Bohemian Grilled Chicken Salad. It started with Cream Of Tomato With Basil Soup. Kathy is not a fan of Creamed Soups but she loved it because it was perfectly seasoned. The Grilled Chicken had a slight bite of its own while the House Dressing made the Fruit and Vegetable Salad unbeatable. The Presentation of all their dishes was immaculate. These are not dishes that you find at Fast Food Chains but very well planned keeping portions satisfying and balanced not overly filling.
Simple but pretty Church across from Annabelle's.
After finishing all that we felt like we’d hardly eaten so we indulged ourselves by having a piece of their Chocolate Truffle Cake. If you check out their web site you will only find the Entrees. If you wish to top off your meal the choices are listed on a separate Dessert Menu.

On our way out we purchased more of the Berry Berry Tea which is sold as a loose blend. If you are like ourselves and don’t have a Tea Ball they also sell the Tea Bags that you can add whatever blend you choose. They also have a small gift shop available with different types of gifts that Walmart does not carry. On our way Home we were already talking of return visits to Annabelle’s so we can try some of their other dishes.

We didn’t get Home until after 4:00 and since we had plans to go to our Storage Unit tomorrow we just had a mellow afternoon catching up on what the rest of our RV Blogger Friends are up to. There was no need for any supper tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
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It’s about time.

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  1. Been to Annabelle's around Easter. Gorgeous decor and even better food. Their presentation is a work of art. Such a treat to go there. Limited hours but so worth it for lunch. Nice gift from Jen.

  2. That looks like a great place for lunch!

  3. Love their landscaping and the pretty church across the way.

  4. Now that's a great day. The food sounds delicious!!!

  5. The church is lovely! Nice you enjoyed our lunch.

  6. Gotta love gift cards. Even now that we are settled, still prefer them as we have everything (more) else that we need. Lovely restaurant.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day enjoying a wonderful lunch together.