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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Good News, More Bad News, Shroud Of Turin, Christmas Pageant and Everyday People.

Our Location today is at the Alamogordo/White Sands K.O.A. NM.

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We started out the morning in a much more relaxed mode since the high Winds that we were getting yesterday had stopped. Looking towards the mountains they seemed to be wearing a crown of Clouds but there was no dust in the air.
Just around 10:30 this morning my Cell Phone started ringing and that number is just being used for business at this time. It was Darla from Vision Ford with the latest update on our Truck. There was Good News and more Bad News so we said we’d stop in after lunch.
Lunch was nutritional but not overfilling Vegetable Beef Soup along with Cheese Sticks and a Mandarin Orange with a Fruit Cup for dessert.
Kathy with the docent before a life-sized Replica of the Shroud.
Depiction of how Shrouds were used.
Image on the Shroud. Blood from the wounds
caused by the Crown of Thorns.
We arrived at Vision Ford at 12:30 and were soon talking to Richard the Mechanic. The Truck was still on the Hoist but all the Body Parts were now back together. When first examined there had been an Outer Seal Leak found on the rear axle. When the Hub was taken apart not only were the Parking Brakes oil soaked but oddly worn. Since you always change both seals at the same time when the other side was removed the problem became clear.
Even though we have been avoiding the Snowy Winter Weather the last few years that we normally get back home that wasn’t always the case. There were a number years that the Truck was our Safe mode of travel through all the bad weather. Even the few years we were just Snowbirds we would still have to deal with the Winter Weather prior to our departure. That meant subjecting the Truck to Heavily Salted Roads and that is what the newest problem was caused by. The Salt had eaten away at the Backing Plates causing the heads of the Bolts to pull through and wear a few other things away.
As a way of not carrying stock you might not need most Dealerships don’t have those things on their shelves. The parts will be shipped out of Colorado and should arrive on Tuesday morning as long as there is no Snowstorms stopping their arrival. After adding the US Exchange Rate this repair will cost more than we just paid for our 2015 Ford Escape. Back Home we needed to leave a message with our Bank to free up additional funds.
Just before 4:00 we headed back to the Historic Section of town to see their Christmas Pageant. When we arrived we noticed that the Street was blocked off and the attraction that was closed the other day was open.

We had gone to see the Turin Shroud Exhibit at 923 New York Avenue but it had been closed for the day. Anyone who has religious beliefs should see this. This Exhibit was opened by one of the Scientist that in the 1978 spent weeks with other Scientists examining the Shroud of Turin that was used to wrap the body of Jesus after his Crucifixion. Most Shrouds deteriorate with time but not this one. All the Wounds inflicted before and during the Crucifixion that were mentioned in the Bible were found on the Shroud. Of the more than Two Dozen Scientist that set out to disprove the Images on the Shroud of Turin they all agreed that it was more than likely the same Shroud used to wrap the body of Jesus. The Exhibit is in an old store front and is manned by volunteers. There is no admission but they do except donations.

Back outside the Christmas Pageant was getting going with an Artificial Ice Rink for anyone who wanted to Skate. There were Vendors, Crafters and some of the Stores open for business. There was a Live Nativity Scene using Real Animals as well as a living baby to act as Baby Jesus. Lots of children were dressed in Costumes for the occasion and some adults wearing their Ugly Christmas Shirts. Santa was driven in by a Side-by-Side to his own Santa’s Village where the children immediately lined up to see him.

We weren’t the only ones feeling the cool breeze so we headed back Home. We worked together to make French Toast with Bacon for supper along with a Cookie and Fruit Cup for dessert.
We watched another movie called “Everyday People”. It was about how the decision of the owner of a New York Restaurant to close up affected not only his employees but his customers as well.
This is the road to the KOA. The Light Spot just left of center
is the Rocket Museum we first visited here in Alamogordo.
Not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Good luck with those repairs soon you be back on the road again.

  2. You sure have had a rough time with your repairs! Hopefully you have your truck back soon.

  3. The good news was not apparent but I am glad they are getting everything fixed for you.

  4. I really hope that all the trouble with the truck will be over soon.

  5. At least when you get the truck back, you will know it's almost like new again!! Hard on the wallet, but worth it in the end.

  6. Oh boy that's a lot of $$! Looks like the street fair and everything else in town was just too much fun! I love things like that in small towns! Hoping that's the end of your problems for a long time!

  7. Once fixed you will be on your way and in a couple of weeks will just be an afterthought. Your almost there.

  8. Again I am so sorry for the added expense but at least you will have a working vehicle. Does this company offer any warranties with the repairs?

    Enjoyed your story on the Shroud of Turin.

  9. Enjoyed the Shroud of Turin. Thanks for sharing. Better to find all the issues while on the hoist and not on the road. Good luck.


  10. You are getting the time to visit every corner of the town and area. Too bad about the truck but having a well functioning vehicle is a must for us road warriors.

  11. Well better he found this newest problem now and not have another thing hit you on down the road. What a busy little town to be in at least your not bored.