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Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Day Of Rest Doing Chores and Research While Getting A Slight Earthquake.

Our Location today is at the Holtsville Hotsprings LTVA, California.

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After spending the night in Arizona and waking to yesterday Mid-50s Temperatures it was quite a shock to our systems when we woke this morning to the Upper-30s. I thought we had moved to a warmer area but one never knows what the Jet Stream will do which often brings the colder air down this way. Without any kind of Night-Time Cloud Cover the warmer daytime temperatures are quickly lost.
Our closest neighbour.
Kathy once again appreciated having Hot Cereal for breakfast this morning. Since we planned to have a day of rest from our travels we enjoyed a Two Cup Morning while getting caught up on our morning reading on the Computers. We had a chuckle when reading one of the Comments from Tuesday’s Blog from our Former Neighbour at the Dream Catcher Escapees RV Park in Deming, New Mexico. We had told Dell and Pepper that we were heading out to the Desert to go “Off the Grid” but they didn’t think we were that serious about it but after reading our Blog found out otherwise. I also corrected Neo’s name in that post. Hope to see you down the road again.
Quick set-up. Panels still down. Notice the Sign ahead of the Truck.
It says "No Camping Beyond This Point".
By 9:30 we could feel the heat building on our Windows so that allowed me time to comfortably install our LTVA Stickers on both the Truck and Trailer as well adjusting our Static Cables to make better contact as we travel. I poured over the Truck’s Owner’s Manual unsuccessfully more then once trying to find where the Fuse for the Cruise Control is located. Looks like I’ll be pulling all the Fuses one by one until I find the problem.
With the Door and all the Windows open before noon Kathy kept lunch lite by making Ham and Cheese Sandwiches with Pickles as a side along with Apples and Oranges for dessert.
After setting the GPS for a Car only,
we got the same message as yesterday.
After attempting to make further adjustments to our GPS we still couldn’t get it to work so we simply went to Mapquest and printed out the Driving Directions for our next few stops. Glad we were able to fix our printer but it only works on Kathy’s Computer.
Another boundary sign behind our Trailer.
At 3:46 PST the Trailer was a suddenly jolted as if someone had run into the Truck. After a quick inspection showed no damage Kathy went On-Line to find out there had been a minor Earthquake just up the road in Holtsville.
Doing Practice Laps all day long.
There were a number of vehicles pulling Travel Trailers looking for that perfect spot to stop for the night but since we are at the furthest point anyone can set up Camp in this LTVA they would simply turn around and head back in the direction they came. There is lots of space up there to use.
The temperature actually reached 70 F (21 C) this afternoon but shortly after 4:00 when the Sun started to dip lower in the sky it was soon time to start closing the Door and Windows. Just in those few minutes there was a noticeable difference in the temperature.
For supper Kathy cooked up some Egg Noodles with Meat Balls and we had Fruit Cups along with Graham Crackers for dessert before doing up the dishes.
We are hoping to get an early start tomorrow so we can hopefully see everything there is at our next destination Borrego Springs in a few days because we have plans to meet others before Christmas Day. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Now that looks like a great spot.

  2. We have yet to feel an earthquake and hopefully never will!

  3. Only once have I felt a bad earthquake, and that's because I was at the top of a four story building. I for one, never believe my GPS ... I always either print out a map or write down directions I keep on the dash. Does your phone have a maps app? I also use that to triple check.

  4. Is it possible that when the truck cab was lifted for the repair, that the connection for the cruise control has come apart? On the back of your GPS, is there a reset bottom/ or hole that you can stick a pin in to reset it? If so, try that to see if your GPS will work properly.

  5. Why don't you just call the shop that you payed $$$$ to and ask about the cruise control issue? I'm sure they would be happy to advise you over the phone.

  6. Looks like you found a great spot to camp. Hope you don't feel any more earthquakes. Yikes!
    Those electrical gremlins can sure be tough to track down. Hope it's a quick fix.

  7. Looking at your rv setup, I recalled how you were setup for boondocking, but I should have asked for more information about how you find boondocking locations. Hope you get your GPS woes fixed.