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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Figuring Out Where The Metal Sculptures Are, Directing Others To More and Getting Ready To Roll.

Our Location today is at the Rockhouse Trail, Borrego Springs, California.

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Even though we slept in until nearly 8:00 this morning we had quick breakfast and even left our Coffee/Tea to cool while we got dressed and ready for our day. Wanting to pack our small cooler to take with us it seemed that we both had tunnel vision and couldn’t find what we wanted to bring from the Fridge. Bringing what we could find we were soon our our way towards Borrego Springs by 9:00.
We stopped at the small Market where we wandered the aisles first just to see what they had in stock and then to get some things from their Deli Section. We’ve learned that we can share a single Sandwich by adding a Healthy Dessert. With all those supplies packed away in our Cooler we were soon off for another adventure.


Having read many RV Blogs about these Metal Sculptures we would soon learn that they were not as easy to get to as many let you believe. Using the Map in the Guide Book given to us by the volunteers at the Chamber of Commerce/Information Bureau was difficult to understand but knowing the majority of the Sculptures were north of town that was where we headed.
Grasshopper and Scorpion squaring off.
Within a short distance we noticed a few Sculptures in a field that seemed to have been cleared of any Growth. Not far away was the familiar sign indicating “Galleta Meadows LLC”. This would be a sign that we would see repeatedly throughout the day. Driving back further we came across the Vineyard Workers Sculptures. Again the detail was unbelievable.
These Vineyard workers are taking forever to get their work done.
The hair on these Llamas is really wiry.
Driving out the nearest exit to cross the road into an another field that had Sculptures among normal desert growth Kathy decided to walk from one to the other leaving me to not only take some pictures but to bring the truck up as well. The ground was soft under the weight of the Truck so putting it in Four Wheel Drive was a necessary precaution.
It was a mixture of Prehistoric to Modern, even depicting times that helped forge this country as it stands today. Unlike many Museums we’ve gone to these Sculptures were not dumped in one location. This was like a Scavenger Hunt all around the nearby countryside but you always knew it was part of the display when you came across the familiar “Galleta Meadows LLC” sign.
Mother Sloth carrying her young.
Right on time.
The most elaborate display was the Chinese Snake that appeared to go in and out of the ground repeatedly. The best part was watching the traffic driving down the road between a few sections of the Snake.
If you look close enough you can see the tail at the right.
With Kathy in the foreground and B-Class RV on the road
you can better imagine the size of this snake.
Up the road another display of Mountain Goats led to more Elephants then Tortoises. Out the back exit to other displays that we had seen in Other’s Blogs. While we were near the Jeep Sculpture we were telling people about the Sculptures south of town that they didn’t know existed.
Look who is looking for food.
See who else is looking for food.
With no one else around us it was after 1:00 when we finally shared our Ham Sandwich and Strawberry Granola Yogurt Parfaits. While eating we also caught sight of a Roadrunner out searching for food but while I was taking his picture I witnessed a pair of Coyotes further back looking for their next meal as well.
In order to see any more Sculptures we also needed to head South of town to where we had seen our first Sculptures yesterday. Going around the Christmas Circle the town was having their Christmas Celebration even having Santa there for the little ones.
Kathy Off-Roading.
Caught in the act.
South of town as we came around the bend we saw a trail leading to Horses and Sabre Tooth Tigers off in the distance. When I started walking further away from the Truck Kathy said she would bring it up the trail. By the time she caught up to me the Truck was slipping in the loose materials so I put it in Four Wheel Drive again and had her continue driving the weaving trail back to the Dinosaurs. She was amazed at the difference it made driving like that. The truck never faultered. Our grandson Matthew was really into Dinosaurs for a while and would have loved to see these things.

You can see their I-Phone on a Mini-Tripod.
Before we could get to the T-Rex a Jeep showed up and parked between the creatures so the occupants could do some Selfie Shots. They didn’t know about the Sculptures north of town and headed in that direction when they left.
After we crossed the highway and got what we believe were the last of the Sculpture pictures we headed back to get the last few in town. We also stopped to top off with the $4.00 a Gallon California Diesel.
Can you see the road back there?
Even though we had left the Roof Vents open in the Trailer before we left this morning the 73 F (23 C) temperature had it feeling HOT inside the Trailer. After partially prepping the Truck for towing Kathy and I reviewed the route we would be taking tomorrow. That was when I remembered a comment from Bill Richards from the blog “On Our Way” about how to reset our GPS. It only took a moment to do but then we had no difficulty programming our next destination and having it give us directions. Thanks Bill.
These Two were celebrating the season.
We use Truck Stops now they use BLMs.
Supper was Bush's Baked Beans on Toast with Mozzarella Cheese.
As for the Cruise Control I’ll have to wait until during the week to call Vision Ford in Alamogordo. With over Two Hundred Pictures taken between Kathy and I today we’ll give you just a sampling today. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Aren't those statues just amazing? I see new ones all the time. The work he does is fabulous!!

  2. You're welcome Rick, glad that it worked for you. We have been to Borrego Springs before, but will return in January, to show our friends the area. A drive up to the town of Julian, to the pie factory is nice drive and the pies are delicious.

  3. We have checked out the sculptures twice now and enjoyed seeing them both times so much detail. Several nice and scenic rides to take in that area including, as Bill mentioned, Julian for Pie. Safe travels as you move on.

  4. Pretty cool sculptures, we will have to check them out next time we are in the area!

  5. We too enjoyed Borrego Springs last year and will return this year. The trip to Julian is well worth the drive. Safe travels on your journey.

  6. What a great adventure you had. Love the sculptures your pictures are wonderful