It's about time.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chores, Picking Up The Truck, Stocking Up and Getting Back To The Park.

Our Location today is at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, California.

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After another stress filled day we both managed to sleep past 7:30 this morning. Breakfast was simple and lite so we could move on to other things that needed to be taken care of. Kathy wanted to get her data entries made on our Expenditure Spreadsheet while I needed to get our Laundry done. It has been since we were in Alamogordo the last time I did any washing and it has piled up.
Don't think the loaner can pull the Trailer.
Before getting started with sorting the clothes I went back to the Office to book a few more days. Since I have other things that need to be addressed while we are here, the extra time is necessary. Carol could not give me a personal Phone Number to one of the resort residents but she was able to phone her for me. I was then able to set up a together later in the day tomorrow.
It was just after 10:30 when I managed to get everything over to the Laundry Room in the Boon-Docking Section. I met one of the residents who gave me a few tips about things locally to see. It was shortly after 11:00 when I received a call from Gosch Ford in Temecula informing me the Truck was ready for us to pick up.
Once the clothes was in the Dryers I went back Home where we made French Onion Soup for lunch. We were down to our last Two Slices of Bread but we got creative and made it stretch.
With the limited space in the Laundry Room and the amount of Clothes that I had washed it was nearly 2:00 by the time everything was folded and I got back Home.
We left everything in the basket and headed out the door to go pick up our Truck so we wouldn’t have to drive on the Interstate after dark. By the time we got onto I-15 traffic was at a crawl taking us nearly a Half an Hour to travel Three Miles. Once we were on Ynez Road we were at the dealership in a matter of Two Minutes. The Mechanic that fixed the Front Brakes recommended servicing our Trailer Brakes so we’d have no further issues with the Truck. After paying our Bill and getting the GPS programmed to go back to the Park it was already 3:30.
Heading back taking I-15 in the opposite direction was easy and we were soon heading for Home down the Parkway. Since we would be needing fuel we stopped at a Valero Gas Bar where we got our Diesel at $3.749 a Gallon.
We also stopped at the Walmart Super Center where we got a few groceries we badly needed and Kathy had her hair trimmed. It was dark by that time we left so we stopped at Burger King for our supper.
Interesting pattern on the Roof.
It was nearly 7:00 when we got back to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. Tonight we had the Gate Code with us and were able to get in on our own.
Finally back in the Truck heading Home.
After I unloaded the Truck and brought everything inside Kathy worked at putting away the groceries while I started putting away our Laundry.

It was only after doing that I finally managed turned my Computer on for the first time today. Thank You for all the Condolences for our dear friend Liz. They have been forwarded to the Family.

Some of you also suggested checking the Trailer Brakes which the Mechanic also suggested. We are still planning on more sight seeing so we’ll keep you informed. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Glad to read you were able to get your truck back fixed and quickly. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  2. Hope everything goes well from here on out! Traffic is something else isn't it! Every time we're over the hill in Sacramento area am amazed at all the congestion, we've been spoiled here in NV.

  3. So happy your have the truck back again and hoping the trailer brakes will be just fine