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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Why Can’t Computers Get Along?

Our Location today is at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, California.

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Even though it meant getting up before the Sun this morning Kathy insisted that she would come with me since we are Partners in this Lifestyle and we both need to be around to make any important decisions that need to be made. We’d had breakfast and were out the door shortly after 7:00 headed for Gosch Ford in Temecula.

Even though we had set the GPS as a Safety Precaution with this being our Third Trip there this week I practically ignored the instructions that were being shouted at me. When we arrived I went straight to Rachael the Service Manager who already knew what the problem was we were facing and even though it was before his starting time she notified the Electrical Mechanic that was scheduled to check it over and possibly replace the Electric Brake Controller.

I went and got the Controller from the Parts Counter where I had ordered it from over the phone. Many times including this past week when a problem was diagnosed the part was not in stock and needed to be ordered. Instead of it arriving after the Holidays I wanted it available and ready to install today.
We had only been seated a Half an Hour in the Customer Lounge when Kevin the Mechanic working on our Truck came to talk to us. I’ve mentioned before that most vehicles today have Multiple Computers to keep them running properly. When Kevin had hooked up his Laptop to the Truck there wasn’t anything wrong with the Sending Unit. The problem was that the Seven Computers we have in our Truck were not communicating with one another. “Why can’t they just get along?
He brought the Truck around where he used his Tester and I used Mine in the Trailer Plugs. With his Tester the Computer showed the Trailer was connected but not with Mine. Both the Trailer Plugs then showed power to the Trailer Brakes but we will still be keeping an eye on it. Since we didn’t need the new Brake Controller we returned it minus a Restocking Fee but since there was no Labour Charge for the Diagnosis we didn’t mind. If the Problem had been the Controller and I had not ordered it we would be here until after Christmas. We’ll just have to monitor the Brakes more closely.
This run this morning also gave us a chance to see how far up the road we’ll drive before turning north heading to our next Destination. When we leave Jojoba Hills we will travel approximately 3 Miles (5 Kilometres) before making our turn. We also went On-Line to be certain there were no Mountain Switchbacks on this particular route.
We were back at the Trailer at 10:30. We hadn’t thought the Truck would be out of the shop so early so we had planned on staying an extra day. Kathy went inside to catch up on some of her lost sleep while went to the Office to extend our stay.
I checked what was happening on my Computer before making Chicken Noodle Soup for our lunch. Kathy added Cheese Sticks along with Mandarin Oranges and a Fruit Cups for dessert.
Our new neighbour this afternoon.
After lunch I went outside to check the Truck Fluids and to make a few adjustments to things that were disturbed while it was being serviced. Since we’ll be dumping the Waste Tanks before we leave in the morning I added more Water to our Fresh Water Tank so we can both have showers tonight.
Kathy cooked up Pancakes topped with Bananas for supper. After the Blog is posted we’ll be doing some packing tonight so we’ll get an earlier start tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Sure not like the old days when you could just look under the hood and simply figure out the problems huh?! Well hopefully everything is fixed for a while and you can just enjoy the trip! Cool looking prepper vehicle next to you!

  2. Well at least they were honest and didn't sell you something you didn't need. Hope your on your way to the next destination and free of anymore problems.

  3. Vehicles these days are SO complicated!! It's no wonder we have problems!

  4. Hope that's the end of the truck issues. You've certainly had an interesting few weeks.