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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Settling In, More $$, and Having A Loaner But Forgot The Gate Code.

Our Location today is at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, California.

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A person’s body knows how much sleep they need and when you have been in bed too long your body has those not too subtle ways of telling you. I was on the Computer before 7:00 this morning and suddenly had the Sun shining in my eyes as it made its way over the distant mountain tops.
I managed to see what the Weather for this area was going to be for the next few days. After checking the News for back in Windsor I came across some sad news. Our friend Liz who was Terminally Ill with Cancer that wanted to have a Living Wake rather then a traditional funeral had finally Passed. We delayed our departure in order to attend her Celebration of Life allowing her to personally say good-bye to her friends. We would do it again if we had to.
Kathy was up by 7:30 which meant that she had been in bed long enough. Once breakfast was over we had minor chores to take care of before we needed to leave. I took Two of our Fresh Water Jugs over to fill up before pumping them into our Fresh Water Tank. The extra Eleven Gallons of Water will tied us over for an extra Day or Two.
Having planned on eating an early lunch as soon as the Water Transfer was completed Kathy grilled a couple of Ham and Cheese Sandwiches to go with the last of the Pie that we had picked up at the Julian Pie Factory.
Even though our appointment at Gosch Ford in Temecula wasn’t until 1:15 we didn’t want to get tied up in traffic somewhere and headed out shortly after 12:00. It was a good thing because only a few blocks from our destination an accident had traffic snarled. Then when we went to sign in there was only a single Service Manager available while the other Three were gone for Lunch.
I-15 North
Sitting in the Customer Lounge I was able to see the Truck until it was finally brought in for its Inspection at 1:30. Kathy read her Murder Mystery while I solved a few Cryptograms. When Doug the Service Manager came to the Lounge to tell us about the findings as expected the Front Brakes had Overheated which caused other Problems. The Seals on the Calipers had burnt up and the new Calipers will not be in until tomorrow. This time however they were able to issue us a Loaner Car at no charge. After getting the GPS from the Truck we finally left there just after 4:00.
This 1929 Pickup was in the Showroom
with a "Do Not Touch" sign in the windows.
We wanted to go to Big Lots just up the street to pick up a few supplies before heading back Home. When we came outside it was already dark. We were also getting hungry so seeing the lights to a nearby Chili’s we went there for supper. We kept it lite but still felt stuffed because we’ve been eating smaller portions.
Looking out the window at Chili's
The Loaner also needed gas but when we went to the nearby AmPm Gas Bar they only except CASH. We found another Gas Bar so we could use our Credit Cards.
We were part way back to Jojoba Hills when I realized that I had forgotten our Parking Permit on the Truck Mirror. That may not sound like much but it had the Gate Code written on the back. I was going to call Merikay and Craig MacKenna when we arrived but another resident pulled up so we just followed him through the Gate. They did stop thinking we were sneaking in but Kathy explained our Permit had been left in the Truck. They watched us from the road as we unloaded our purchases at the Trailer.
Merikay and Craig almost got a call. (Help)
Tomorrow I’ll extend our stay and try to get our Laundry done while waiting for the Truck to be fixed. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. We are so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend, you are in our prayers. Nice to know that the people in that park are concerned about who they are letting in the gate.

  2. Our condolences on the loss of your friend. How nice that you and the chance to say goodbye.

    Good luck with having the truck repaired. At least they gave you a loaner to use while you wait. We have been lucky, as far as that goes, and have had a loaner all this while.

  3. Sorry about the passing of your friend.

    Your trip is begining to be a rerun of my summer with something to work on at every stop.

    Do you think it might be a good idea to check the brakes on the 5th wheel?

  4. Our condolences on the passing of your friend. I'm glad you were able to stay close for her Celebration of Life.

    Pretty soon you'll have a new truck! Good luck today. Nice that they could offer you a loaner this time.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That must have been some steep hill you went down. I agree checking the rigs brakes might be a good idea. Glad you have a loaner!!

  6. Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend.
    Hopefully this will be a quick and relatively inexpensive repair. Good to have a loaner though.

  7. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

    Well I hope this repair won't take much money or another 2 weeks, at least they gave you a loaner. Can't believe the other dealer did not.

  8. So very sorry for the passing of your friend. How wonderful that you got to spend some quality time with her before you left.

    I am finally catching up with all my blog posts that I could not get earlier in the weeks.