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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Julian Pie Factory, Towing Through The Mountains and Trying To Answer A Comment.

Our Location today is at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, California.

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We had only one thing planned for the day so were taking out time getting started but not before having breakfast and reading our E-Mails and Comments. A couple of those Comments suggested checking out the Julian Pie Factory since we were so close. After checking how far it was on the Computer we made a change of plans.
Our original plan was to head straight to our next destination which was only Sixty Miles up the road. A round trip from Rockhouse Trail to Julian and back was over Seventy Miles. Our solution was to head for our next destination with our Home but take a Side Trip to Julian.
We were packed up and on the road heading to Borrego Springs by 10:30. We both liked the quaintness of this small community and would advise anyone wanting to visit to do so. Following the Printed Instructions along with our GPS we passed through Christmas Circle and were soon heading Up S22. Notice the word Up, it doesn’t refer to a Compass Point but the fact that you are driving Up a Mountain. Once on this road there is no turning back as it is a constant climb from one switchback through another. We did use the Two Passing Lanes to let the build up of traffic behind us pass and to cool the Truck down somewhat.
When we came to the intersection of where the Julian Pie Factory was located we passed on going into town. Instead we chose to let the Truck rest and we went to the Restaurant where we had lunch. Kathy has missed having Fish and Chips while I chose to have a Chicken Stir Fry. We were both satisfied with both the Food and the Service.
Reflections from the Glass.
We did get the chance to see the assembly-line of Pies being made behind the windows at the Factory. It is amazing that for such a small Factory in the Mountains those Pies are shipped to locations Hundreds of Miles away. We knew we could buy a Pie cheaper at most Grocery Stores but figured we’d give one a try along with a few Cookies. Was that Shopping Bag ever heavy.
Even though I had checked the Fluids on the Truck just yesterday after working it so hard coming through the Mountains I decided to check again. It had worked so hard that I needed to add additional Motor Oil and Coolant which I carry.
Not wanting any more Mountain Passes we followed Cal76 with the prompting of the GPS. There was way more hills then we had wanted to take. We had an elevation gain of Nearly Fifteen Hundred Feet before Julian that was now being taken away. Even having the Truck in a lower gear to slow it down the decent was increasing our speed. The only thing I could do was to occasionally apply the Brakes to slow it to a Safer Speed. When we arrived in one of the Small Towns the Front Brakes had gotten so HOT they were Smoking. We stopped for a while until they cooled before continuing. With it being Sunday and most shops were closed so we’ll be having them inspected in the next couple of days.
We finally turn on I-15 heading across California on a Freeway that could easily qualify as an Amusement Ride. Before long we were exiting back onto Cal78 and putting us back into hill country. I’m certain that the traffic that built up behind us as we rolled through the countryside didn’t appreciate that we were travelling at least Ten MPH slower then the posted speed.
The GPS did its job and brought us right to the gates of Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. Even though we are Escapee Members this is our first time here so it wasn’t until we came to a Closed Gate that we thought maybe we should have made reservations. This is the first Escapees Park that we have been to that required such a thing. After I left a voice message the Gate started opening so we drove to the Office.
We met Norm who had let us in. After explaining the Office is closed on Sundays he directed us to the Boondocking Area for the night. Thank You Norm. Tomorrow we’ll get registered and plan to do some visiting with other RV Blog Members. Not sure if we’ll move spots or just stay where we are.
Checking the Comments this evening there was the Question of “How do you find Boondocking Sites?
We ask at Information Bureaus, we read about them on Comments to our Blog as well as other Blogs. We are amateurs at this compared to many others. If anyone else can add information I’m certain Dell would appreciate it and so would we.
Due to the size of lunch we had we only had a piece of Pie from the Julian Pie Factory as our supper. It was loaded with Fruit and seasoned perfectly. We ended up towing our Trailer 122 Miles today tossing our idea of saving Time and Mileage out the window. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. That sure is some drive we have done a few times with the car. The site we like for book docking is Thats how we find most places. Guess you missed the Julian Pie factory in Santa Isabel a few mile further.

  2. We've never taken the Suite up to Julian, just drove up from Borrego Springs. It was a lovely drive. We also use for boondocking sites. Works well. The pies at $15 are pricey but you get 8 slices which is worth it when they are so tasty! :)

  3. Beautiful drive, even though I can't imagine it pulling your fifth wheel but you did great it sounds like. The spot you're in looks lovely depending on how close your neighbors are! Enjoy

  4. Looks like you found a wonderful spot.
    Like the others, we have taken that drive with the Jeep a couple of times and it is a beautiful one. Not sure we would ever take the Stinger "B" up there. Glad you made it safe and sound.

    There pies are pricey but, in our opinion well worth the price, we think they are delicious.

    Stay safe.

  5. We did the drive with just the truck. I love the engine brake in the Dogsled.

    I use as well as All for boondocking ideas. Other bloggers offer up ideas as well.

  6. I am not crazy about those mountain roads pulling anything and I drove Salt River Canyon, Northern, AZ driving a Class C twice wasn't to crazy about that either. I drove that road many other times in my truck and I was fine. Sounds like a great pie place.