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Friday, December 21, 2018

Doucettes Ready and The Mechanic Was Wrong.

Our Location today is at the Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, California.

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With the last of our planned visits taken care of yesterday we slept soundly believing that the only thing we had left to do was a few chores today. We weren’t in a hurry to get moving this morning which also felt nice but once breakfast was over I had to get serious.
While Kathy checked out things on her Computer I set up the Printer knowing she had a document to print up then I started getting myself set up on the table. We both take enough Medication and Vitamins to keep ourselves healthy but we have to fill Pill Doucettes in order to keep track of them. Years ago after getting tired of missing out on special events that always fell on Saturday Evenings I decided to do a few weeks at a time. That still meant tying up Saturday Evenings so that was changed by doing Six and a Half Weeks worth of pills at a time. I managed to finish all that as well as cleaning up all before lunch.
Kathy had made us a couple of Ham and Salad Wraps that were more then enough to hold us over.

With lunch over I still had to sit at the Computer to enter the Medication and Vitamins on a Spreadsheet that I use. By doing so I keep track of how many days before the Doucettes need to be refilled as well as our in stock Inventory.

It was nearly 1:00 by the time I headed outside to work on the Truck. The other day the Mechanic had said there was no power to the Electric Brakes on the Plug in the Truck Bed that I should use the Factory Installed Plug until it was replaced. Having Kathy help me to perform a proper test I found not One but Both Plugs had no power to the Electric Brakes. After checking all the Fuses that are buried in the tightest spots in the Engine Compartment and finding none that were bad we tested power coming from the Sending Unit. Nothing! It is the Sending Unit that stopped working.

Since it is a Factory Installed Unit I called the Parts Department at Gosch Ford in Temecula hoping they had one in stock. Nope but they could have it by the Morning so it got ordered. I called the Service Department and spoke to Doug, even though he won’t be there a Mechanic will be waiting for my arrival. If they could not have done the job I would have.

Kathy had spent the day cleaning inside the Trailer. It was overcast the entire day so instead of taking the chance our Batteries were not fully charged I again ran the Generator which meant that Kathy was able to use the Microwave to heat up supper.
We had planned on being on the road tomorrow even though this is a nice park we are hoping to be out of here the latest on Sunday. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Joke of the Day

Q: Why don’t Ambassadors ever get sick?

A: They have Diplomatic Immunity.


  1. Be sure to take time to have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Hopefully you're able to get that last problem solved! Sounds like a good day for your two!

  3. Doucettes can be prepared by the pharmacy if you ask them.
    Hopefully this ends the truck repairs.

  4. Hope the sending unit arrives by Monday as you were promised. That's good service if it does! ;c)

  5. Tom and I hope this the last of what has to be repaired on your truck. Sounds like you have been enjoying your time there.
    Stay safe.