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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Putting On Miles, Getting Turned Around and Helping Beyond The Job.

Our Location today is at the Town and Country RV Park in Roswell, New Mexico.

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Since we were still feeling the effects of the Sore Shoulders last night just before we went to bed we both took another Extra Strength Tylenol. It helped us both fall asleep but it seemed I needed a bit more relief a few hours later. It seems lately Kathy has been sensing my absence in the mornings and by the time I had things ready for breakfast she was downstairs to join me. Even though we weren’t really in a hurry to leave we weren’t about to use up the morning to get moving.
It felt a little strange having to unhook Utilities and pack things up that we had not used in some time. Even though the Temperature was cool it was not cold because there was little movement to the Flags surrounding the Park. It was just after 10:30 when we rolled out of Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming and took the eastbound ramp onto I-10.
Even though there were plenty of Trucks after having set the Cruise Control at 65 MPH we only passed a couple of them that seemed to be Multi-Tasking rather then paying attention to the vehicles around them. It was also disappointing as there was less of the desert vegetation and the Mountains were turning into long drawn out hills.
Arriving at Las Cruces we changed directions by taking US-70. With an increase in construction since December we crawled through the town before exiting on the other side. Anyone that knows this stretch of road tries not to push too hard. There is an elevation increase of over Five Thousand Feet with a number of Speed Reductions along the way to add to your misery. Once you crest the pass you then have the reverse where you descend to the Valley below which is more then the increase.
Just before reaching the Valley Floor you will pass the Missile Testing Range and Museum that we visited in November. Another Thirty Miles down the road we were surprised that the Security Check Point was closed today. Within another Mile we were passing the White Sands National Monument where Kathy tried her Snow Disc sliding down the Gypsum Sand Dunes.
Museum at White Sands National Monument.
It was close to 1:00 when we parked behind the Pizza Hut in Alamogordo to have lunch. Few businesses have nearby parking available for Large RVs and they did. Not wanting to be overly stuffed we settled for a Medium Thin and Crispy Hawaiian Pizza.
View behind Pizza Hut.
Driving through town just before getting back on the Highway and not knowing what was available fuel wise we stopped to top off our Diesel at the Texico outlet. It was a little snug getting in but Kathy took a walk to verify where the Exit was and we were good to go. Today’s cost was only $2.799 per Gallon.
Merging back onto US-70 we had Ten Mile stretch of Road Paving taking place so it was down to a Single Lane in each direction. Our GPS kept wanting to turn us around but since we had already verified the Route using Mapquest we just kept going until it finally quieted down.
One thing GPSs don’t do is allow for you to stop and stretch your legs. We pulled into a parking lot and Tom started shouting orders about getting back on track.
It was after 3:30 when we arrived in Roswell. Even though we were here a couple of years ago we wanted to check out a few more things. Right away we had a problem. The last time we had stayed at the Bottomless Lake State Park and had come in on Highway 54. Today we wanted to stay in a park in town and the GPS would not take the Address.
After finding the road we looked for the Campground using the Address. Unfortunately the park we found was to the West which was full of Older Well Worn Travel Trailers. The one we were looking for was to the East but when we called using the Phone Number we were told that they were Full Up. They did recommend another Park that might be able to help us out.
Murals along Safety Barriers.
We had passed a BLM Field Office on the way so Kathy suggested we go ask. When we arrived at 4:25 the sign on the door said they closed at 4:30 so we hurriedly went inside. Natalie informed us that all the lands they managed were about 45 Miles away. When we explained about the one RV Park recommending the other she called for us. Unfortunately we were tired and her directions added to our confusion. She even tried to program our GPS like us unsuccessfully. Since she was already late in locking up she did so while we got the Truck and Trailer turned around. She had to drive by the Park on her way home so we followed her all the way there. That’s what you call going beyond the job. “Thank You Natalie!
Using our Good Sam Members Card we signed in for Two Nights at the Town and Country RV Park here in Roswell. All the sites are Pull Through and most can handle Big Rigs and it’s only a mile from the Museums.
Following directions to our Site there was already someone there. The Sites are set up so Two RVs are back to back for the Utilities and then your door faces the other neighbour’s door. Instead of blocking the Road we swung around and parked on the empty site between Two RVs.
While Kathy stayed with the Truck in case someone showed up saying we were on their Site I walked back to the Office. When told what had happen she said that was perfect and to just stay where we were. She also told me that even though the Signs that all have Eight Inch High Numbers and an Arrow on them people still park on the wrong Site. She even walked one person over to their Site. They went to town and parked Two Sites over when they came back.
After towing our Home 254.3 Miles and getting it all levelled by 6:00 we were both too tired to cook so we drove down to Long John Silver’s for Fish and Chips for supper. It hit the spot and made us feel much better. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. That's quite the day! Sorry for the troubles you've had. We enjoyed Bottomless Lakes S.P. but it sounds like you found a close park after all nice and close to town.
    Enjoy Roswell!

  2. So it sounds like you had better luck coming over that pass this time.
    We are on our way to Carlsbad Caverns this morning. Will try and contact you on our way back, looks like we go right by your park. If you are around and it is not to late maybe we can connect for a bit. Enjoy your day exploring Roswell.

  3. Such a small world isn't it?! Enjoy your day today!

  4. I always back up my GPS with my phone, as well as check out road maps. Lucky for me, they all seem to work together very well. Sounds like your GPS has a bad stomach ache!!

  5. I'm sure your happy to have found a site and can relax after a long travle day. That sure was nice of that lady to lead you to the RVPark

  6. "Dream Catcher RV Park" has a nice ring to it. It is refreshing to find a person that goes beyond what their job calls for.

    Glad you arrived safe and sound and that you will have two days to relax.