It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jumped The Gun, Fulltimers At Last.

Our Location today is  McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

Due to my not being able to sleep any later we were both up by 7:00 this morning. It wasn’t all from the problems with the CPAP mask but a good deal of it was the anxiousness of getting the move to our trailer under way.

By 8:00 this morning we’d had breakfast washed the dishes and were on our way to Guardian Storage to pick up our trailer. After arriving Kathy went inside to make certain everything was secured for travel. She also checked the coolness of the fridge that we had turned on yesterday. “Huston We Have A Problem!” It was not cool and we spent a few minutes trying to make it fire up on propane with no luck. All we could hope for was that it would later work on the electrical. By the time we’d cleaned our spot and picked up the planks the trailer sat on through the winter it was nearly 9:00 by the time we were on our way to the apartment.

Bringing the trailer to the old pad behind the parking lot and turning the trailer was no problem because we had parked the car in such a way that nobody else could get in there. It didn’t take long to open the slides in preparation to start loading the trailer.
Our trailer safely tucked in on the rear pad behind the parking lot.
As soon as we were in the apartment I called our daughter Karen to see if Tyler was up and ready to help me move the couch. We had asked him the other night when he’d just gotten his braces and he’d agreed.  Since he just got his braces Karen and Greg have been letting Tyler have late night weekends so he had just gotten up.
Our disassembled loveseat before going to the trauler.
I took the time to take the backs off the loveseat so it would be easier to handle. Waiting another fifteen minutes I drove the car over to pick up my helper for the day. Kathy was busy the entire time packing away the remaining dishes from the kitchen.
Kathy constantly busy packing.
It was just after 10:00 when we got back to the apartment. Since our utility cart doubles as a fridge cart we stood the bottom of the loveseat on end and used the cart to bring it out to the trailer. That was a lot better than carrying it the whole distance. Once that was inside the trailer Tyler and I used two shopping carts to haul more items to the trailer while Kathy continued packing.
Wheeling the loveseat base to the trailer.
It was nearly noon when we all decided it was time for lunch so while Kathy was inspecting the way things had been placed Tyler and I returned shopping carts to the apartment. That’s where I had another problem. I had lost a set of apartment keys. Using my spare set I continued on while Tyler and Kathy retraced my steps and found the keys inside the truck where I had loaded some things earlier.
Tyler helping me load the bottom of the loveseat in the trailer.
Tyler chose Dairy Queen for lunch which helped all of us feel more alive. We had a chance to talk and have a few laughs when we compared how things are in High School nowadays compared to when we went. Times have changed. We dropped Tyler off back at home with a big Thank You before returning to the apartment.
Tyler and I bringing things to the trailer.
Kathy was worried about the fridge not working so we didn’t take any frozen food and only a few things from the apartment fridge. We had to straighten a few things in the trailer before we could leave. That was when Dan the building manager and his assistant Chris showed up to look at the trailer. We had offered them a tour before but they had just gotten free. They are both interested in RVing and have picked our brains about it many times. They were both amazed at how the trailer is built and wished they were doing the same as us.
A view of our trailer we don't normally see.
It was nearly 3:00 when we left the apartment and it seemed that no matter the road we took there was little traffic. In less than a half hour we were driving through the gate to Wildwood Golf and RV Park. Our site had been cleaned and leveled. Luckily the neighbors across were not in so we were able to back the trailer in fairly easy.
Arriving at our site.
We were busy unpacking and organizing the trailer as well as dewinterizing it when right on schedule at 5:30 there was a knock on the door. Chris the Cable 1 Installer had arrived to install our Cable and Internet until we go south cheaper than we had at the apartment. We won’t have the program selections on television like the apartment but the internet is proving to be better.
Lots of neighbours looking on.
It was nearly 6:30 when he left and we were both starving and tired so we headed up to the 19th Hole Restaurant at the front of the park. The prices were reasonable, the service fast and courteous, and the food was delicious. We’ll be going back.
Home for the start of our Fulltiming.
We are both achy and will probably be in bed early tonight and sleep late tomorrow. The temperature tonight is dropping to just above freezing. We’ll be going back to the apartment to finish clearing it out. I also have to do laundry so we can store those linens. Tomorrow night we’ll have a full fridge and freezer and maybe even a Barbecue. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Most pictures taken by Kathy.


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