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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Appointments and Computers

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario.

After not sleeping too well yesterday I figured I’d sleep like a rock last night. Boy was I wrong! I spent most of the night thinking of trivial things that I had resolved years ago. So by the 7:30 this morning I might have gotten three hours of sleep if that and the reason for that was in my subconscious I knew that I had a 9:15 doctor’s appointment at the Sleep Disorder Clinic. If I would have had an afternoon appointment I would have slept undisturbed. 

After coffee and cereal for breakfast I spent a few more minutes storing the loaner CPAP machine for travel. Today’s CPAPs have built in computerized memories so while I was filling in the necessary paper work the receptionist simply plugged the machine in to a computer where she was able to print out a sleep graph for the doctor to analyze. Dr. Deny even asked Kathy a few questions about my sleep patterns and habits which is something no patient with Sleep Apnea can answer on their own behalf. By 10:00 we were already at VitalAire bringing in the prescription just issued by Dr. Deny. 

A few days ago I had another problem with the sudden return of pain in the incision of the Hernia operation I had back in June. So Kathy and I went back to the surgeon’s office where by explaining the problem the receptionist was able to schedule an examination appointment for the 21st of this month. 

Back at the apartment I called SX-Video to see if the computers were ready for pick up and they were. So after lunch I packed up my PC before we headed to Essex. Cory immediately took my PC back to the workbench to make the modification I’d requested while I took the new and old laptops out to the truck. Cory had removed the hard-drive from Kathy’s old PC and then installed it into my tower so that I’d be able to put documents on the smaller hard-drive while using the larger one for strictly storing photographs. 

We were back home by 1:30 and the first thing we had to do was to kill two more Yellow Jackets. This is really beginning to get old especially for a building that is just over thirty years old. Then after a second trip to the truck all the computers were inside and it was time to make them operational. This was quite a challenge for me working on four computers all with different operating systems XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is a time that I wished I had more knowledge of computers than I do but I did manage to get them all connected to the internet. 

There is only one problem that we need to take care of on the new Windows 8 laptop tomorrow. For supper I grilled a couple of nice steaks on our Weber Q while Kathy cooked up some Mac and Cheese and Brussels sprouts to round off our meal. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.          


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  1. I was the technology integrator for our school district. Four computers at one time is just about unheard of.

    I love that Eagle photo. Awesome.