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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tests and Repairs.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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There was plenty of Frost on the windows that needed to be scraped this morning. Luckily, by remotely turning the Truck on from inside the Apartment the engine had started the melting problem before I got down there.

I was Fifteen Minutes later getting to the Plant this morning, as more drivers were adding care under the weather conditions. There was a big surprise that Mile, who is normally the first to arrive, did not pull in until I reached the Entry Door.

After restoring the Air and Propane Supplies to the Burners, Sorough was able to finish prepping the Test Unit, while I made a few adjustments to the repair, he was left to complete yesterday.

Running the Test Unit on the PTA, we use a few variations as a way to eliminate Pinholes from forming along the edge of the Hard Surfacing Material used on the Rebuilt Screws. This will adjust the speed and time it takes when making the changes in the future.

Once everyone was happy with the change, Mile gave the okay to remount the Seven-Inch Left-Handed Feedscrew in the Plasma Transfer Arc. We were right in the middle of the process when a delivery with Three Raw Bars was made. When we energized the Air to the Tailstock, it would not hold the Unit in place. Since this happened before, I simply put the Safety Stands in place and shimmed the Unit with wooden blocks. It barely moved when the Crane was removed.

With the delivery completed, Mile was informed of the problem. He immediately called the Pipe-Fitters Hall. We cleaned up the area, brought Scrap outside and did another repair using the TIG Welder. It was past 2:00 before the Pipe-Fitter had the PTA working again.

Mile left around 2:30 because his Shingles were acting up.

It was just after that, we all heard a loud bang come from the CNC Mill. A cutter had broke loose and gouged the Shank well over a Half Inch deep. Vinnie the Engineer pleaded with me to fix it tonight. I was on my way home after an extra Hour.

Traffic was terrible but I made it home safely. Kathy said it looked cold outside, so she didn’t go anywhere. Our temperature reached 50 F (10 C) this afternoon.

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It’s about time.


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  1. Your workplace is very hazardous! Sure hope nobody gets hurt.