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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

I Planned, Drawn Out Wash, Local Cases On The Rise and Vaccine News.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though I had a toss and turn night I did something that hasn’t happened most other nights this week I slept. Looking at the Clock I was upset that it was already 8:12 and I was just getting out of bed because I had Planned (That rotten word) on an earlier start.

Getting as organized as I could I’d barely started looking at The Weather Network when Kathy joined me for breakfast. She had the last Bagel Toasted with Cream Cheese while I had Cereal. When Kathy took her Tea to her Computer I sipped on mine between morning chores and sorting Laundry. Most of you figured that out when I mentioned getting the coins yesterday.

Looking outside there was no sign of the Sun anywhere just the near normal Clouds we’ve been seeing lately.

I arrived at the Second Floor Laundry Room before 9:30 to find all the Machines in use with Two People wearing Masks folding clothes. A quick trip down the stairs I found Four People in the First Floor Laundry Room. With my Plans to get things done early messed up I headed back to the Apartment.

Kathy had been busy straightening things up and was surprised at my early return. We sat back at the Computers for our second cup of Coffee. Kathy explained how she had a restless night and felt like she needed a Snap.

When I was about to head back to the Laundry Room she suggested an early lunch. I made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches while Kathy made dessert plates with Cookies and Yogurt Cups. She used the extra minutes I spent grilling the sandwiches to have her Snap. Her Mug says it all, “I don’t do mornings”.

I was back in the Laundry Room by 11:10 and as the Washers became available I filled them. When it came time to get dryers that was a different story. There were only Two Dryers available. I have seldom left our laundry unattended in the Nine Years I have been doing it. When our Dryers finished their task I refilled them with the next load. I managed to fold both those first loads that I then brought up to the Apartment before returning to finish folding the rest of the clothes.

The Second Floor Laundry Room.

I had a chuckle when a younger woman watching me said “Don’t let my husband see you folding your socks or he’ll have you teaching me.” Another couple of times I’ve been told “Your very precise in the way you fold your clothes”. I even showed a young newly wed bride how fold clothes years ago because she didn’t know how.

It was 3:30 when I was putting the last of the clothes away in the Apartment. I was then able to relax and get caught up on my morning Blog reading. I don’t think I commented on all of them.

We had a Medium Store Bought Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza for supper. Sixteen Minutes later and we were enjoying it hot out of the oven.

On the 6 o’clock Local News the lead story was about a 27 Year Old Local Man with no Underlying Health Conditions went in the Hospital on Friday and died this past Monday from Coronavirus. Today was also the highest number of new Cases with a 127 just today and it was not all among the Migrant Farm Workers like it was earlier this summer. If the numbers don’t come down soon we could be back to only Essential Services again.

They also talked more on the upcoming Vaccines and how they will be transported and distributed. We had already seen that on the US News Media.

There was a little concern when a couple of British Health Care Workers suffered Side Effects but it was noted that they had both suffered Side Effects to Flu Vaccinations as well.

There is a good chance we might see the Sun tomorrow and the temperature could reach the Mid-Forties.

Kathy went On-Line where the experts were saying that if you have ever reacted to any Vaccine or the Shingles Shot you should not get this Vaccine at this time. Kathy had a Severe Reaction to the Shingles Shot this year.

We’ll have a busy day tomorrow. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Words of Inspiration

The further a society drifts from the truth the more they will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell, Novelist


  1. I'll bet you would like to be in Arizona, we have a place in Green Valley. We love it down there, great neighbors, sunny a lot of the time! Take care, R.Stone

  2. They have already stated you will have reactions to the vaccine ... some bad, some not so bad. They have even stated we should not be worried about anyone in a rest home who passes away from the vaccine because they expect that to happen. Are you kidding me? I think I'll pass.

  3. I like the George Orwell quote. I just finished re-reading his novel _1984_. Amid the latest lockdowns in SoCal it seemed appropriate.

  4. Love Kathy's little SNAP. I can relate.

  5. I fold my socks too, but only to make sure there are two in every pair. :) Glad you got some sleep. I'll get shot when available. Never had a reaction to anything before.

  6. Our dear Kathy, she looks exhausted.
    My daughter is trying to get tested. She works in pharmacy. They test everyone before they go on shift. She has been having a slight fever. She also has been suffering a chronic ear ache, which is not unusual for her. Still, they want her tested. She can see the health unit from her home, but they aren't testing there, but at a recreation facility a few miles out of town, which she can't get to. What a mess.

  7. Poor Kathy she does look so tired. I fold Ken's socks and if he does laundry while on the road he'll fold his..for the same reason as Doug LOL...

  8. As far as I understand it, (which isn't very far), the current vaccines have different pedigrees. Even though they all may be effective, some will be more likely to cause significant side effects, other's less so. (I'm mostly going on a nurse friend's info...) Anyway, one of them may be less fraught for Kathy than the one which they're warning about for those who've had a bad reaction to the shingles vaccine. But all these things will take time to find out. As the front line people will be in the front line for that as well, taking the vaccine so they can keep working (ah...what can I say,they're already doing all the risking anyway) more information will come out. To get to the point, there may be a vaccine that Kathy can take safely. So. Time will tell which ones are available where and when. They are not all invented out of the same stuff.

  9. I sounded very authoritative, but don't really know diddly. I do know that the British one is from a tried and true method of vaccine development, while the Pfizer one is newer. Maybe you've got some medical readers who can set us straight.

  10. Not a fair photo of Kathy. Having said that I do have a photo from many years ago, perhaps the early nineties with Colin fast asleep on the kitchen table with his head on his arms. He had just come in from a 13 hour day.