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Thursday, December 24, 2020

I Had A Mickey, Shopping Restrictions, Bats and Merry Christmas.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Last Night I was tired of not sleeping so I did something about it I took a Mickey. Not that kind. A Mickey is a mixture of things that contribute to a common cause. Last Night I took a Tylenol Night-Time Tablet for Body Aches along with a couple of Melatonin an Hour before I went to bed. It worked because I only remember turning over a couple times during the night without looking at the Clock. (That’s unlike me.) I finally opened my eyes at 8:30 this morning. So much for getting groceries early.

I barely got started getting things ready in the kitchen when Kathy joined me. Even though my vision was slightly blurred I felt well rested. I finished my morning chores while my Coffee cooled to comfortable. Once I checked the Store Hours and Weather Forecast on the Computer I took the Recycle out before going to the grocery store. Kathy stayed behind since she has a Compromised Immune System. No use tempting fate.

As soon as I stepped outside the Below Freezing Temperature was noticeable but when the Thirty MPH Wind Gusts started hitting me it felt like I was starting to solidify in spot.

When I arrived at Zehr’s the parking lot was half full. Unlike yesterday there was no line so I was able to go right in. The Signs were again posted for Social Distancing, Wearing Masks and Seniors Shopping Hours. Why they figure Seniors are up earlier then everyone else is beyond me. I managed to find everything on the Shopping List in less then Ten Minutes including the perfect thing for us to have for lunch. All the Cashiers were open so it barely took Five Minutes for Bonnie to have me checked out.

Lunch for $3.88.

Kathy was surprised when I walked into the Apartment because she didn’t hear the key in the door. That’s what she gets for not wearing her Hearing Aids all the time. After putting things away we sat back at the Computers where I finally started reading Blogs.

It wasn’t until 12:30 that we started getting hungry that I went to make lunch. While I was at the grocery store I noticed there were Medium Sized Thin Crust Parisian Pizzas being sold for $3.88. From the time I started the oven to the time we were eating was Twenty Minutes. We made a meal of it by sharing a bottle of Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) as a refreshment. Not a bad meal for less then $7.00.

The Wind kept rattling the Balcony Rail outside so Kathy didn’t want to go far. We did some research and more Blog reading throughout the afternoon.

Since Kathy had taken a package of Four Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast out of the Freezer she Breaded then Pan Fried them for supper. We topped them with a bit of Shredded Cheese and Salsa to make our meal. The best part is there’s Two more for another meal.

We were able to watch the 6 o’clock Local News that strangely only last a Half Hour for a Weekday. There was another death in a Nursing Home due to the Coronavirus and more Cases being investigated. The rest of the Province will join our area in a Province Wide Lock-Down starting Saturday. We could see some Flurries tomorrow but places like Leamington could be hit harder.

We later watched a special on “Bats”. They are being investigated as to how the Coronavirus was spread from Bats to Humans but we are capable of passing diseases to them as well. They are like Birds eating Bugs at night but with over a Hundred and Forty Species they all do something different. Since Cactus Flowers only open at night they are pollinated by Bats. It was amazing to learn that Bats actually are beneficial to us. The research continues to see how they can be immune to diseases that Humans are not like Cancer. In the end Bats may hold the answer to fighting future diseases for Humans.

Kathy and I would like to wish all our Readers, Family, Friends and Followers a Safe and Merry Christmas. It will not be like anything we can remember but hopefully we’ll get the gift of beating this Virus. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Police were called to the Daycare after a toddler resisted a rest.


  1. Hope you and Kathy have a merry Christmas. Stay warm and health.

  2. Merry Christmas to you both. Enjoy your supper at Karen's and we hope to be able to see you guys soon. Love Kevin Melissa and the boys. Xo

  3. Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy. We hope you have a safe and healthy one!

  4. Merry Christmas! Brrrrr and stay warm!!

  5. Merry Christmas Rick and Kathy, all the best this season and the New Year.

  6. Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year too -Much Love, Katie

  7. Merry Christmas! Hoping you have a wonderful day today!

  8. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

  9. Merry Christmas and a much happier New Year!

  10. Merry Christmas to you and Kathy. Tom and I hope you have a wonderful day with family.

  11. Ha..! Nothing like drugging up for the night. Glad that hard core regimen did you some good. Wonder what's included in the special Tylenol. Well, I can look it up. Glad it served you well and you ended up with a good day. Even though the cold wind was rattling around,