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Thank You for following this Blog

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Kathy's Home and Happy Thanksgiving.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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After posting last night’s Blog it was hard going to bed without Kathy being there but I was finally able to fall to sleep around 4:00 by repeating to myself She’ll be home in the morning”. The phone rang around 7:50 with a jubilant Kathy saying she was free to go when I got there. Then she told me to have something to eat and take time to wake up before getting behind the wheel.

Taking my time I arrived at the Hospital before 9:00 only to have to go through the screening Maze again. The Computers again denied that Kathy was a Patient even though I told her the exact room that I visited with her last night. Finally calling the Eight-North Desk they confirmed Kathy’s presence before I was given a pass to the next check point. A quick glance at the paper and I was on my way to the elevators.

When I walked into her room Kathy was napping while waiting for me to appear. I never made a sound but she opened her eyes sensing my presence. She’d already packed everything to go before hand so she only needed to put her Shoes and Coat on.

It was nearly 10:00 when we rolled out of the parking lot. We took Tecumseh Road all the way to the Parkway just so she could see human life taking place outside of our four walls.

Having a Prescription to fill and not wanting to drive all the way to Amherstburg we stopped at a nearby Shoppers Drug Mart. Imagine the Red Tape because these are on the list of Addictive Medications because the others won’t do the job and the fact that this location is not her normal Pharmacy. The Prescription was filled in Ten Minutes. The Consult that explained the benefits and dangers of this Medication lasted Five Minutes. I also left the store with a small booklet again giving the same information. Kathy had been having a Snap while I was inside.

When we got to the building Kathy wanted to walk so I parked the Car to add a few more feet to the distance.

Inside the Apartment after finding her Slippers it didn’t take long to find her Recliner. We enjoyed a hot Coffee together while she described this morning’s visit from the Surgeon. She had another Snap before lunch while I left a message to make a Follow Up Appointment for Kathy.

Campbell’s Italian Wedding Soup was the pick of the day with a Yogurt Cup for dessert.

This afternoon there was a constant Drizzle falling that occasionally changed to a solid Rain causing us a chill because of the Dampness. That meant we had a continuous flow of hot drinks the entire day.

Back at the Computers I managed to finish catching up on the last Two Days of Blogs by only taking the time to comment on a few.

Karen called to see if Kathy was home around 2:00.

I tried making a call using my Cell Phone rather then our House Phone and each time after being on hold for Ten Minutes I was disconnected.

It was just after 3:00 when the Surgeon’s Office called with Kathy’s Follow-Up Appointment.

For supper Kathy wasn’t feeling too hungry so we had Macaroni and Cheese followed by a Chocolate Pudding Cup.

The 6 o’clock Local News held most of the same news that we’ve been hearing for the last Six Months.

By 7:30 Kathy wanted to lay in bed to watch the US News Media. By 8:00 she said Good Night put her CPAP Mask on and went to sleep.

Even though this year is a lot different with things happening outside of our control Kathy and I would like to wish all our American Readers, Family and Friends a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully next year things will be back to a more normal with the soon to be released Vaccines.

Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Sure glad Kathy is home where she can relax and heal. Even though it's just Jim and I for turkey today - its still a great day.

  2. Ummm that's rather scary that the hospital computers didn't even know she was there. Glad she's home!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. So glad Kathy is home and well again.

  4. I'm sure she's happy to be home and recovering! She has a wonderful nurse!

  5. Sure glad you're made it through all the bad stuff now comes all the good stuff. Kathy you keep working on them SNAPS
    Glad your home.
    Stay warm.

  6. I am glad to hear that Kathy is home and feeling well. She has a great nurse to tend to her every need.

  7. So good to hear Kathy is home safe. Best wishes.

  8. Whew. Maybe now you can get a good night's sleep too. Glad she's home...that's always good. Thanks for your postings! Everybody can rest up now!!