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Monday, November 30, 2020

Teetering Temps and Hallmark Movies.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It is really strange how neither of us took anything to help us sleep last night yet we slept like a couple of rocks. Other nights we can’t even sleep with help.

I woke just before 8:00 this morning but by the time I got things ready for breakfast and turned on the Computers it was nearly 8:30. It was at that time it appeared like a fog was moving towards the building but within a moment I knew better as White Flakes started floating by the Balcony Door.

With our high being just after midnight
this was our daytime temperatures.

Hearing movement in the bedroom I scrambled for the kitchen to start the Toaster then the Water Kettle. I mentioned in the Blog how Bagels don’t set well with me. Kathy barely sat at the table when I started applying Cream Cheese to her Bagel and Margarine with Berry Jam to my Toast.

Like many others we are spending way too much time on the Computers but with our area being pushed back to Phase 2 Recovery or as they are now coding us as a Red Zone there’s not much we can do outside of our Apartment. In some of the Comments about the spiking Coronavirus Cases in our area the people infected have admitted to not wearing Masks in public, have gathered in larger groups with no Social Distancing. The Comments may be correct in their areas but not in ours.

For lunch I chopped some Celery and Broccoli to add to an Omelette along with some Shredded Cheese served with Toast. We shared a Baked (Nuked) Apple for dessert. Kathy thought we’d need a Yogurt Cup but they were sent back to the Fridge.

The afternoon was again spent back on the Computers. Looking outside everything was again green from the Rain the milder temperatures brought in. With so little activity we had Macaroni and Cheese for supper along with the Yogurt Cups left from lunch.

We watched more Hallmark Christmas Movies tonight.

The Weather Guessers are showing we are only looking at a Two to Three Inch accumulation over the next Thirty Hours which is a dusting compared to most of Ontario. Looking outside all vehicles in the parking lot are turning White.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. When we were still in the UP for winter big fluffy flakes beat rain in my book. Never seemed as cold and damp to me. Take care.

  2. So sorry to hear about the snow... plus 8C on this end of the country... :D ;D

  3. We woke up to that nasty white stuff yesterday to.
    But it cleared off and know it's just cold.
    Stay warm and safe

  4. Your omelet looks delicious!

    I agree that each area is different. With our local newspaper ceasing publication after over 100 years, I have no idea what is going on in this town, only what I can see my neighbors doing.

    With that said, the parents of the rowdy/drunk neighbor always have get-togethers that involve four generations, and they have NEVER worn masks.

    This year they added people I have never seen before and who looked to be friends of the rowdy/drunk and for good measure also brought their spouses and kids with them.

    It may be inappropriate to say, but I could care less what happens to them, though I do worry about his grandmother, who is such a kind and caring person, and I sure as hell do not want her to die.

  5. Well wahoo. A good sleep is worth a lot, and if you both had one!! That's really something. And the snow just skittered past. Looks like you had some good food today. Makes me want a bite of dessert. It's been colder down here, but sunny, so not unusual.