It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Stirring the Jell-O, Checking Out The Early Vendors and We Found George And Suzie.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

As mentioned in last night’s post, we shut our Electric Fireplace off before going to bed in an effort to keep the New Flannel Bedsheets on without starting to sweat. It almost worked, so we’ll make another adjustment tonight in hopes of getting the perfect combination, so that we’ll know how to ready ourselves to sleep Off the Grid in the Desert. 
I managed to be up this morning before the sun but that also meant that it was still cold outside and since we didn’t have the heater on the inside of the trailer, it was just about as cold. Not wanting to wake Kathy I remembered my Robe that was hanging behind the bedroom door. After putting it on my first instinct was to take it off because it felt colder than the inside air. Fighting the urge soon paid off as I started to warm up. 

It seemed that the colder inside temperatures also kept Kathy from leaving the warm confines she felt under those New Bedsheets. When she heard the Water Kettle switch pop she knew it was time for breakfast. She didn’t even make it out of the bedroom before she had her Robe on and was telling me to turn the heater back on. Hot Cereal and Hot Coffee were also added to help get rid of the chill. 

After making a phone call that I forgot to do yesterday I was disappointed that I’d have to wait until Monday to finish ordering the last of the equipment needed to get our Solar Panel System up and running. When we were back in Windsor I had picked up a couple of Power Distribution Blocks to connect the Solar Panels to the Charge Controller. What I didn’t realize was the diameter of the Solar Panel Cables would only allow one cable per circuit connection. That means having to order a 2 Pole 6 Circuit Block to accommodate our Six Solar Panels on the roof. 

We finished our morning reading shortly before 10:00 MST and Kathy had to rework our Itinerary and Calendars. As they say when you are RVers your plans are mostly written in Jell-O and you are constantly stirring it. 

Late last evening we had an issue with our water. The way that Jayco designed the Wet-Bay in their trailers has advantages and disadvantages. Outside in the dark with a flashlight with the cold north wind chilling you to the bone I couldn’t find the problem so I simply set the valves to turn on our pump. After getting rid of our trash this morning it only took seconds to find the problem. The Non-Kinking Hose carrying water to the trailer had three sections that had suddenly kinked, thus cutting off our water supply. Removing it from the Plastic Crate that I carry and transport it in I simply wrapped it around the outside thus eliminating all the Kinks. 
Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch helped to get the final chill out of our bones which helped us feel so good that we wanted to go explore more of Quartzsite. 
Our first stop was where some of the early vendors such as Beer Bellies Adult Daycare are already setting up shop for next month’s gathering of the masses for the Big Tent. Kathy found a nice Blouse that fit comfortably and appealed to her sense of fashion. I found Solderless Connectors and a Drill Bit to replace the ones that I had recently used up that were priced less than half of what the connectors alone would have been back home. We had to make a quick run up to the Hardware Store to get a new Sink Stopper that none of the vendors thought to carry. 
Now we started getting serious. Yesterday we had gone out in search of finding our friends George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels in the La Posa South LTVA. We had spent over an hour driving through many of the washes looking unsuccessfully for them. We saw many of the RVs that George had shown on his blog but we couldn’t find them. George commented the direction from the one RV and that he thought he’d seen us in the morning. Back at La Posa South we returned where that RV was and then started a slow motion Off-Road adventure in our quest of finding them. People in the desert are very creative with all the spare time they have making roadways lined with rocks as curbs. It took another fifteen minutes before we finally saw an RV that looked very familiar to us. 
Suzie and George.
We spent the next two hours getting caught up on a number of things with our gracious hosts. Kathy and I have been RVing since we were married but never in the Deserts of Arizona. George and Suzie are a wealth of information about that and they love to share that with anyone. Even some things we were aware of they had found ways to make it better. They gave us pointers on different surrounding areas and how to set up camp to better enjoy our stay. 
We were cold and George was comfortable.
One thing that Kathy couldn’t get over was that we were both sitting there wearing jackets to keep from freezing and George was sitting there comfortably in his Shorts and Sandals. When you read Our Awesome Travels and he says that’s what he is wearing, that’s what he is wearing. 

It was nearing 5:00 MST and the sun was getting lower in the sky when we said our “See You Later” and wound our way back to the main road. By the time we reached the Vendors Area near Quartzsite that we’d walked through only hours before, there was no sign of life anywhere.  

Tomorrow Kathy has her chores to do as I with my outside work. All of that in preparation to going Off the Grid in the Desert around Quartzsite. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. We have thought about doing "Off the Grid" but never have tried it. I bet it is an awesome experience. I will be checking in on you to see how things are going.Give us a holler if you come close to the lake.

  2. It was nice to see you guys again. You sat in the shade thats why you were cold, sun and shade makes a huge difference here in the desert. And to be out of the wind, feels quite comfortable.

  3. You'll do find off the grid. George and Suzie can share some of their knowledge.

  4. Never heard of Beer Bellies.
    I bet George and Suzie are full of information. They have been traveling for a very long time. Glad y'all were able to meet.

  5. Is having a generator considered being off the grid? I bought one solar panel and wound up giving it to my son because I don't know how or where I'd store it, and it's like talking to a brick wall trying to explain how all of it works to me. I think I will stick my generator in the back seat when I head west next spring. This will probably be my last hurrah...just hope plans hold together and nothing gets in the way. I've already put my foot down about any kids getting married between May and November...I won't be there. I also have to see how to fund the trip. I found that gas was so much more expensive in the west. That surprised me. I think I'll probably concentrate on Idaho, Washington, and Oregon and stay places longer. If Susan visits, again, she'll have to learn to enjoy the isolated places--I was amazed at how much higher rates were at campgrounds that she likes near fairly large towns.