It's about time.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Colder Than Back Home, Walking Around the Park, Making Adjustments and Bad Ingredients.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

After a very exciting Christmas Day we definitely didn’t have any problems going to bed early and falling asleep. Top all that excitement with trying to recover from a night of very little sleep it was only logical that I’d sleep soundly until it was time to get up. It felt strange getting up before 6:00 MST but after eight hours of sleep it was only right. I managed to finish all my morning reading along with a few other things I found Online before Kathy joined me downstairs. 

Even with my indoor chores finished I wasn’t in a hurry to go outside because the outdoor temperature was still at 39 F (4 C) after 9:30. Instead of bundling up I got caught up on our Medical Tracking Spreadsheets that I haven’t touched since we got this trailer. Always having something else to do, I knew that having it with me there was bound to be days such as this one that I would finally it get caught up. 

I also made a few more phone calls back to Ontario that had been deliberately left out yesterday. The first was to my sister Anna. Since her family was celebrating Christmas in London this year I didn’t call yesterday figuring she’d be busy enough. She must have been still busy today so after leaving a Voice Message that I’d call back I moved on to the next call. 

My aunt Anna and uncle Bob just moved back to Windsor from London shortly after we headed south. I called their private phone number but once again I got to leave a Voice Message with them. Thinking they might be visiting my cousin Jackie I gave her a call. She told me that it was raining in Windsor and was 54 F (12 C) at the time. (I’ve mentioned before, we came south for the warmer weather.) 
As luck would have it her parents were in fact there and my aunt wanted to talk with me. She reminded me that they had moved to Windsor and was hoping to visit more often when we get back. Before they moved she was always busy driving people all around London. Now they have moved she has been able to sit and relax, take walks by the river and even play cards with some of the other retirees. She informed me that Bob’s COPD was getting worse but on the bright side Mandy her only granddaughter will be getting married in Windsor in July so they can attend without too much difficulty. 

When I finally got off the phone Kathy and I went for a walk around the park. I’ve asked her to do it many times but she just didn’t feel up to it. We walked every street in the park around the perimeter and everything in between. We also stopped at the Clubhouse so Kathy could see where the Book Exchange is located and to read the Bulletin Board. 
Chicken Vegetable Wrap with Sunchips as a side.
By the time we got back to the trailer we were both frozen and it was time for lunch. Kathy tried something different today making Chicken Vegetable Wraps using Soft Taco Shells for the Wraps themselves. Those along with a hot cup of Coffee helped to warm us slightly. 

The other day when I cut into the wall to install the Charge Controller Remote and the EMS Monitor, when I removed the Cut-Out I found that one of our Vent Pipes was right in the middle of the opening. With no way of repairing the Cut-Out you simply learn to work with it. I needed to make a Spacer Plate that would raise the Remote Monitor a half an inch. After some measuring, some cutting a piece of material, and a little sanding I was about to install it in position when Kathy said not until she painted it with Crafters Paint first. Even after exerting myself outside I was still frozen from the Cold North Wind. Since the paint was still Tacky and I have to remove the Rear Basement Wall to run our wires I chose to wait until tomorrow to start that. 
Our neighbour's Watch-Cat soaking up the sun.
For supper Kathy took out a couple of frozen Sirloin Steaks from the freezer and a couple of Zucchini from the fridge. I preheated the Weber Q but with the cold wind I didn’t bother lowering the heat. After everything was cooked and served we had a big disappointment. The steaks had a strong line of Grizzle running completely through the middle of the meat. The Butcher had basically left a sheathe of meat on each side of the Grizzle making it impossible to see until you tried to cut into it. Even the Zucchini had a bad taste to them to the point we both started to gag. We don’t like to waste any kind of food but it all ended up in the garbage. Guess we won’t be buying from that store anymore. 

Later as we worked at the computers, when our hunger started to be too much we ended up going to Burger King for our supper. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Oh well, one of few days the temps will be lopsided with back home. The sunshine alone makes it worthwhile out in the Great Southwest.
    Sorry about your supper.

  2. Was quite comfortable here in the Yuma area, bright sunny skies make it all worthwhile.Outside most of the day reading and walking.

  3. That is too bad about the steaks, they probably smelled good and then to be disappointed in them would be frustrating. :(