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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Messed Up Address, More Washing, Explaining The Solar, Cutting Access Hole, Great Tasting Supper and Rain.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

It seemed that Kathy had a hard time falling asleep last night mostly due to a Sinus Congestion so needless to say she slept in later this morning. Even though I kept waking throughout the night I was sitting at my computer minutes after 6:00 MST and was only half finished all my morning reading by the time that Kathy woke up. There are a lot of Bloggers that haven’t been writing lately and today seemed to be the day everyone tried getting caught up on what they have been doing. If your Blog is on our Sidebar you can be certain that we will read it. 

When I went to use my Credit Card a couple of weeks ago it wouldn’t work. When I called to find out what was happening I was told that my Card had been duplicated so it had been deactivated to prevent any Fraudulent Charges from going through. Getting all the information as to where to send me a New Card they told me to expect it in a Week to Ten Days. On Monday I called them back inquiring on its status and to have them check where it was. They gave me the Tracking Number and promised me that I would have it before the end of Tuesday.  
Raining like crazy and our neighbour out flushing their Water Softener.
Tuesday came and went so this morning I tried the Tracking Number myself. A message that the shipment could not be delivered due to an incorrect address flashed on the screen. I tried signing in but it would not allow me to correct the mess that they called an Address. When I called the woman at the other end had a hard time correcting it because the address line contained my Name, our Phone Number, the Park’s Name, the Park Address, Quartzsite, the State and Zip Code. All that with no spaces between any of that information and no Site Number. It took nearly fifteen minutes for her to get that straightened around. The automated message tells you to go Online to take care of it yourself. Right! Now my shipment should reach me within the next two days. 
Since the North Wind was bringing in more cold air along with a forecast for rain this afternoon I thought about doing indoor chores instead of working outside. When we were in Casa Grande the last week of November we had purchased some new Flannel Bedsheets at Big Lots. They felt so good we went back and got a second set. Even though I did the laundry yesterday, today I stripped the bed and along with the new sheets washed them all. 

Between the washing and drying I ran into Dave at his site. He and his wife Liz are down from Alaska at this time traveling in their “B” Class RV. They are looking at ways to make it more comfortable to use as well as being more environmentally friendly. He inquired how the Solar Panel installation was going because they are thinking about adding some on their unit. We talked about how far I’d gotten and other things such as the EMS 
After I’d transferred the bedsheets to the dryer Dave asked if he could see what I’d accomplished so far. Once I’d shown him the Charge Controller and our Battery Bank I set the step ladder up for him to see the roof. I explained the theory as to why we have the Solar Panels we do, why they are mounted as they are, the Wiring and how the Junction Box works. I also explained that I still had to install the Remote Monitoring Devices upstairs in the Kitchen. He was impressed when he left but I’m sure that was a lot to take in at once at least that was the way I felt the first time someone else explained it to me. 
Kathy had made some nice hot soup for lunch that helped take the chill out of my body. As soon as I’d eaten I headed back to the Laundry Room to fold our sheets and bring them Home. It felt good putting the fresh sheets on our bed. When Kathy went to put the other New Flannel Bedsheets in the Linen Closet there was no room. To fix that problem she took the Old Flannel Bedsheets out and put them side by side. The New Bedsheets were nearly three times the thickness. Looks like the Old Bedsheets are a bit worn. 
Measuring for the EMS Monitor.
It was raining outside by the time I’d finished making the bed so I started seeing where the Control Monitors would be located. I say Monitors because one is for the Charge Controller and the other is for our Electrical Management System (EMS). After removing our ornate Key Holder from the wall, I measured where everything would go under the Cupboard. Then trying to use an Exact-o Knife to cut through the Wallboard I knew it would take more than a knife to cut through that. 
Measuring for the Remote Charge Controller Monitor
When I brought in my Oscillating Tool I was shocked to find the mounting screw that holds the varying cutting attachments in place missing. The only thing that could be done was to go to Herb’s Hardware Store to replace it. Since the Allen Wrench for the Old Fastener was Metric it surprised the Associate and myself that it was actually a standard sized bolt. The machine was purchased in Canada from a Canadian Company but is produced in an Asian country. The same kind of tool with a different name on it is sold in the US with the standard bolt. In Asia, they produce a Standard bolt with a Metric head to be shipped to Canada just to make you believe that it is Metric. 
Back Home Kathy retreated to the bedroom with the door closed while I cut the hole into the wall because it is a noisy little machine. When that was finished, all I could do for the rest of the day was close up shop because the rain had increased and in order to pull the wires to the Monitors the Rear Basement Wall will have to be removed. 
Rain stopped for a few minutes.
This morning Kathy had started cooking our supper in the Crock Pot. Our meal consisted of Pork Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower. It tasted wonderful and there is still more for a few more meals. Raining harder now than it did earlier. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.
Pictures by Kathy



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