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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Disappearing Blankets, Apologizing for Supplier, Materials Cut, Junction Box Drilled and Wonderful Supper.

Our Location today is Quartzsite, Arizona, U.S.A. 

We were lucky that the temperature didn’t go below 41 F (5 C) last night not just because we had the Electric Fireplace turned off but due to the case of the Disappearing Blankets. I woke up a number of times feeling extremely cold and would have to struggle to get my blankets back. Since Kathy was a child she always Clutched her blankets during the night. With it being as cold as it has been lately the blankets she was Clutching we not hers. It is a good thing we have those New Flannel Sheets or my feet would have fell off from being frozen. 

We were up having breakfast shortly after 8:00 and it was cold enough to turn on the Electric Fireplace to take the chill out of the air. By 9:30 I’d finished my morning reading, done my inside chores and was heading over to the Park Office. The reason was to apologize for the Parts Supplier who had not followed the rules about shipping things through the mail. Doing that helps the office staff forget all about your transgressions even if you aren’t responsible for them. 
Cutting the last of the Aluminium brackets for the Solar Panels.
Kathy had more Bookkeeping to do as well as some Research so I stayed outside to get what I could completed on the Solar Panel System Project. 
Hot Soup with Chicken/Fruit Salad.
It was back to using the Hacksaw in order to finish cutting the last of the Aluminium Angle Material including what we purchased yesterday. It’s a much slower process when everything is being done by hand. I would have all but two cuts to make when Kathy called me in for Lunch 
The new Power Distribution Block on the Left,
the old Smaller one on the right.

Trying to make us Healthier but filling meals Kathy once again served us a Chicken and Fruit Salad along with a nice bowl of Hot Soup. The soup helped to take the chill out of me, even though I was exerting myself cutting the Material I was still feeling cold. 
Junction Box on Roof connecting Solar Panel Cables to the
Charge Controller in the Basement.

Back outside after finishing all the cutting it was time to start Laying-Out where all the holes will be drilled. I managed to design everything in such a way that only one piece of each of the three parts had to be Laid-Out. Once the holes are drilled in each of those they will be used as a Transfer Template which will speed things up dramatically. Since that equates to 176 Holes that will have to be drilled, I thought that I’d get a fresh start on it in the morning. 
Using Step Drill on Junction Box on Roof.

The sun had actually started to warm me enough to take my sweater off for a while this afternoon. Since I wasn’t going to drill the Aluminium today I gather the necessary tools and headed up onto the roof of the trailer. It was only 3:00 but the temperature seemed to be cooling down already. 
Still room for more Panels.
While we were still at our site in McGregor I had run the Cables from the basement to the roof and installed a Junction Box. I’d also installed a Power Distribution Block with the intention of connecting two Solar Panels per circuit hole. Due to the size of the cables I found that was impossible and needed a larger sized Distribution Block. With its arrival by courier yesterday the first thing I did was to switch the Larger Distribution Block for the Smaller. 
Looking at the Cable Cinch Lock Nuts on the inside of the Junction Box.
The next thing I needed to do was to Layout where all the Cables Cinch Holes to the Solar Panels would be located on the Junction Box. I always put those holes to the back of the Box so no moisture is driven into it when going down the road. Six Panels with a Positive and Negative Cable each meant making twelve holes. I also Dimple Marked where the Cables for Three Additional Solar Panels could be safely drilled.

After drilling Pilot Holes for each of the fittings I started using the Step Drill that was purchased at Harbor Freight last week while we were in Casa Grande. One by one all the holes were drilled to the perfect size for the Cable Cinch to fit. Using a very sharp pocket knife to Deburr the holes I took the time to gather all the plastic shavings so the birds won’t try to digest it. That would not only make them ill but could be fatal.
The last thing was to install all Twelve Cable Cinches and their Lock Nuts. If you recall while we were in Casa Grande Kathy and I spent most of our time in search of those 3/8 NPT Lock Nuts that should have been with the Cable Cinches when they were purchased. When the manager David found out about my problem he had his Supplier ship them directly to us here in Quartzsite. It was the Supplier that sent them in the Mail which got me the Reprimand yesterday. It all fit nicely together and I tied a bag over it until I start connecting the Solar Panels Cables. 
Grilled Atlantic Salmon done on the Grill Mat.
Just as I started closing up for the day Kathy reminded me that I was grilling supper on our Weber. While Kathy cooked the sides in the trailer Asparagus, Sweet Potato and Poached Apples for dessert, I grilled a nice Atlantic Salmon Fillet. The temperature was dropping as the sun was setting so it took extra time to grill it the way we like. When Kathy served it to the plates the skin just pealed off nicely. The entire meal was delicious! 
Poached Apples, Grilled Salmon, Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes.
After we cleaned the dishes the first thing we did on the computers was to check our E-mail. I had two responses that were over seven hours old. Looks like tomorrow could be a visiting day. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

You Might Be a Redneck If 

Every window in your home is covered with muddy paw prints.

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  1. Oh boy, that meal makes me hungry and I just ate not long ago. My daughter has a wonderful recipe for sliced sweet potatoes--she makes it on Christmas eve for me. I'll have to get the recipe, but Kathy's looks very much like it. The plate looks like my favorite meal. :)