It's about time.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Someone Caught a Bug, Slowly Making Progress and A Learning Experience.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

Is it any wonder that after being exposed to rainy, damp weather through most of the day yesterday that at least one of us would not be walking out of this totally unscathed. I did but unfortunately due to her poor immune system Kathy wasn’t quite so lucky. It didn’t help that there were all kinds of people walking around coughing and sneezing and not making any attempts to cover their mouths. Before going to bed last night she felt like she was getting a scratchy throat. Even though the windows were open giving her plenty of fresh air to breathe through the night Kathy woke up totally congested and a throat that felt like sandpaper. Even the warmth of her morning coffee brought only the slightest relief causing her to find help in the medicine cabinet and retreating back to bed for a short time.
The two holders on the left were once sewing Machine Bobbins.
On the right is the Heavy-Duty replacement.
Due to how she was feeling Kathy was out of bed only seconds after I was so while I started preparing to make breakfast she chose to start opening the window blinds in the living room. Imagine her surprise when the blind behind our sofa suddenly dropped. The first thing I did was to locate the plastic holders that keep the pressure on the shade strings. What was amazing was that the two of them had snapped at the same time. The last time it happened and I wrote about it someone commented about using metal sewing machine bobbins to replace theirs. If you look real close at the two pieces on the left that is exactly what was used, plastic sewing machine bobbins. For a brand name such as Jayco I’m shocked that they would use something so cheap to save a few cents and ruin their reputation. Luckily when we had purchased our Folding Blind First Aid Kits from Camping World a few years ago they came with plenty of the heavy duty replacement anchors. It only took five minutes to replace both the broken parts and have everything back together. 

Kathy chose to have soup with a sandwich for lunch along with a hot cup of tea. All the warm liquids seemed to be helping her out. After lunch she would become good friends with the tea kettle in an effort to get rid of her scratchy throat. 

I collected the trash and walked over to the Park Garbage and Recycle Area. After getting back to the trailer the first thing I tried to do again was to remove the Air Stems from the old Airbags. I didn’t matter that the new deep impact socket was grabbing the two nuts that were jammed together the impact gun would simply turn them off the stem. After repeated failed attempts on both Airbags I knew the stems will not be coming out. 
Freshly repainted Airbag Brackets
My next chore was to clean all the brackets and repaint them so when I have the new Airbags things will look nice and neat when reassembled. Since there was still a little paint left in the can I painted our Flag-holder on the Pinbox of the trailer as well as putting a second coat of paint on the Tool Cabinets and Fuel Cell in the truck bed. 
I then spent time reprogramming our Touchpad Door Lock. It took repeated tries to do that because the way the instructions are written they can easily be misinterpreted. The remainder of my afternoon was spent measuring the rear bumper of the trailer. With plans to modify an old bicycle carrier that will fold up when not in use I have to be certain of all my dimensions. 

Kathy had taken some Spare Ribs out of the freezer to thaw for our supper so I fired up our Weber Q. This was the first time that I tried grilling a couple of Sweet Potatoes in foil at the same time as grilling ribs. I learned that I should have started the Sweet Potatoes sooner than the ribs. Kathy simply finished cooking them in the microwave while we ate the Spare Ribs the Green Beans we had for a side as well as a Spinach Salad. It was a learning experience but everything still tasted great. 
Kathy is starting to feel better this evening and hopefully will be back to herself tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time.

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  1. Hope Kathy feels 100% better in the morning. We have enjoyed reading about your new home. It sounds beautiful.

  2. Hope Kathy is much better as I type this. The only thing that was wrong with my Jayco were the tail lights. I used to have to replace them after a rain. It was a pain because I had to remove the calking change the bulb, and then recaulk.

    Your handy work gives more meaning to the phrase, "Home is a man's castle."

  3. Thanks for Suzie's birthday wishes.
    Home Kathy feels better soon.

  4. The day/night shades were a problem for us. We like the mini blinds that I installed last year much better.

  5. I am still often shocked at the lack of quality in the parts that RV manufacturers are willing to use with no sense of shame.

  6. Nothing surprises us. Sometimes businesses take short cuts they shouldn't.
    Hope Kathy is feeling much much better today.

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