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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Errands Galore, Solar Advice, Protecting Ourselves and Still More To Do.

Our Location today is McGregor, Ontario, Canada. 

It turned into a comfortable night to sleep with the windows open again last night which helped us to sleep soundly without having to take any kind of medication. The only problem we had was waking up when the alarm started going off this morning and we couldn’t ignore it. As soon as we’d finished breakfast and our basic morning chores we were heading out the door to run a day full of errands. 

It was 9:10 when we were leaving the park and with the children being back in school we didn’t have to worry about School Bus Delays today. We were headed in the direction of Windsor for a 10:00 appointment with Mark our Financial Advisor and Friend at the Grand Marais location. We had just finished parking the truck when Mark himself arrived. Once we were sitting down in his office he was really surprised that we had gotten a different trailer but could understand our logic behind such a decision. He also advised us how to save money in other ways but says he has to see our new Home before we head south with it so he’ll be coming out to the park like he did this past May. 

Once we’d left our meeting Kathy wanted to check out a few more locations that might have those mirror decorations she was looking for. Both the Dollarama and Walmart were a bust but I did manage to score some new sunglasses after mine suddenly fell apart this morning. It was past 11:30 as we were leaving Walmart with hours more of running to do so we didn’t even leave the parking lot and stopped in at Taco Bell where we share a Big Box Meal that left us both satisfied. 

Now we had to drive to Guardian Storage where we not only collected our Mail but went shopping for supplies in our Climate Controlled Storage Unit. We found everything we were looking for quite easily but since the last time we had gone there we had only deposited the sewing machine and Antique sewing stand inside the door we needed to spend more time getting everything put into its proper spot. 

Next we stopped at the Credit Union where we stopped to collect the money that will finish our Christmas Gift Giving for this year. Kathy makes certain everyone we give gifts to gets approximately the same value and if there is too much of a difference it is evened off with a cash gift. Since we will not be here for the big day we’ll be celebrating our Canadian Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time this year. Now we only have to get-together with the kids for the celebration. 
Caught prepping the truck to carry metal.
Our next stop was Princess Auto where I purchased a few clearance lights that need to be replaced on the truck as well as purchasing some metal products that I’ll use to redesign our bicycle carrier I’d made for our Cougar fifth wheel trailer. I watch the Sale Flyers that come directly to me in the mail and everything I bought today was marked down by at least forty percent. 
Along Riverside Drive in Windsor.
We made a quick stop at our daughter Karen’s home where I found a tool that we thought was at our son’s the other day. When I picked it up another tool fell and broke the wires off the garage door sensor. With Greg’s tools available I had everything repaired better than new in less than five minutes. 
We had some backtracking to do and ended up driving through a construction zone turning around and squeezing our way into the driveway at Windsor Starter Powerhouse. The reason for going here was to get some components to start setting up the Solar System in our new trailer. When they found out what I was working on they connected me to the Local Solar Specialists in the area. They all had the same idea that I had on how to set it up but the setup cost could vary from expensive (for an automatic reset system) to affordable (manually replacing fuses seen on most RV Solar Systems). These guys were all trying to share advice about setting this up while poor Kathy had stayed in the truck for over an hour and was about to come and find me when I came walking around the corner. I did walk out with my shirt. 

We needed a break so we stopped at McDonalds where we had a small pop to tide us over. While sitting there talking we realized we needed to find out if Andrew from Leisure Trailer had called. Kathy also needed to go across the street to Shoppers Drug Mart so while she was inside I called Andrew. He had just completed the new paperwork but needed our signatures and he’d be there until 6:00 this evening. 
As soon as Kathy came out we drove to Vehicle Venture that was only open until 5:00 out on the Old Highway 98. We have been dealing with another Andrew there about getting our replacement Airbags. All along he told us they were available but today he was telling us they were discontinued and we’d have to change the entire system. I asked if I could see the new system on his computer and couldn’t see replacing it all which would cause a major problem removing two more brackets. He then clicked on another site and low and behold there was our exact Airbags at a third of the price. The replacement Airbags will be in this week. 
It felt good to be rolling down the 401.
Since time was getting short and we had to drive back to Lakeshore we took the onramp onto Highway 401 east. In less than five minutes we were taking the off ramp north on Manning Road. It took less than twenty minutes to arrive at Leisure Trailers where if we had taken the Expressway at that time of day it would have taken nearly an hour. 
There was a lot of confusion happening when we first purchased our new trailer and we had failed to take life insurance on it. If something happens to either of us the other could have been left in a mess. For thirty Dollars a month we now have peace of mind. We also talked to Steve who is there lead technician and he will be stopping in around noon on Thursday to do some of the minor repairs we need addressed and to develop a game plan for the more serious issues. 

We were leaving as they were closing for the night and we were hungry so we stopped at Wendy’s where we each had our own meal and topped them off each with a small frosty. We checked a few more stores in the strip mall so we could get some more walking in for the day. 
End of another day.
It was past 7:30 by the time we got Home and we didn’t get all our errands done. Guess we’ll have to try again tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy! 

It’s about time. 


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  1. I'll say you had Errands Galore. Good grief...I just got out of bed and now have to go take a nap after reading this blog.
    Glad you found your airbags. Extremely important.