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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Party Feedback and Hockey Hero.

Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada.

Attending the surprise birthday party for our son-in-law Greg last night confirmed something for both Kathy and I. We are not late night partiers and we didn’t stay that late. Greg however was busy downing shots most of the evening that his coworkers that attended the party were buying him. Apparently he was taken home a half hour after we left and the party continued for another couple of hours.
Kathy and I had another great night’s sleep waking up refreshed but a bit achy from having done stretching to decorate the hall that we haven’t done in a while. We spent just over an hour reading on the computers before having to get ready to leave. We had some leftovers we’d brought home from the party for a snack because we knew our lunch would be late.
Tyler (Black 97) getting slashed by two opponents.
We made a quick stop at Tim Horton’s for coffee before heading over to the New Belle River Arena. Our grandson Tyler would be playing hockey. While waiting for the game to begin our daughter Karen told us how she had even made arrangements to have Greg’s shift covered at work for midnight shift last night without him knowing about it. When it was time to clean up the hall everyone still there pitched in making the cleanup go rather quickly. She also told us that after Greg got up this morning he sat in his easy chair and fell back to sleep. She didn’t even wake him for Tyler’s game.
Tyler having just scored.
When the game got started the opposing team was the first to score but that’s when Tyler’s team buckled down. There was one skirmish on the ice when two of the opposing players tried putting Tyler out of the game with intended slashes to his hands but he shoved back. All three of them shared a two minute penalty. That made Tyler’s team all the more determined even though the two teams were well matched. Tyler made one goal and four assists almost a double hat-trick and his team skated away with a 6 to 4 victory.
Tyler intercepting the puck.
On the way home from the game Kathy and I stopped at Zehrs grocery store to get more salad fixings and some cereal. It was past 2:00 when we got home so we were lucky we had eaten earlier.
Tyler (Center) winning the faceoff.
I’ve continued working on the Blogger problems that we are having. Again today I tried changing the computers from Google to Internet Explorer to Firefox all with the same negative results. Blogger is not allowing us to post pictures to our blog and they have not responded to my Problem Report. It is not fair because at this time of year we have plenty of fresh pictures to add. If anyone out there knows what is wrong please let me know how to fix it. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Good luck with you Blogger issues, I think Rick Doyle would be able to help you out, if you know him.

  2. I see photos today. How did you get that to work?

    I agree with George. Rick knows it all!