It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lucky Prep Day

Our Location today is Apopka, Florida.

Even after being up and reading blogs we follow in the middle of the night I was still up and about by 8:00 this morning and Kathy followed within minutes. Again we made it a two cup morning with a muffin for breakfast while we discussed our plans for the day. Kathy went to do her morning reading while I did my inside chores before heading outside.
This was only the fourth time in a month the train passed behind our trailer.
Last month we had a cold snap at the end of January and because we forgot to shut the heat off during the day and the hot water heater at night it had drained the propane tank. Being much more conservative with the second tank but still forgetting the water heater on occasion we thought we’d refill this tank as we are expecting another cold spell this weekend. We are also moving to a campground in Crystal River, Florida tomorrow so in case they don’t refill tanks we had it done here today.
Refill before we leave just in case.
Once that was finished we headed to Walmart for some last minute supplies as well as some walking. Kathy even managed to find a nice overlay to help keep her shoulders warm.
Being that it was getting close to lunch and who knows if we’ll ever be back in this area we decided we’d stop for a light lunch at Steak n Shake of course. As we’d eaten a light breakfast as soon as our lunch was served we dug right in with no pictures. Two light meals in one morning left us feeling a little empty so we just had to add a little something to top it off. We had a sundae again and Kathy was hungry enough she was digging in to hers before it could pose for a picture.
That's my Sundae, notice Kathy's disappearing in the background.
I had commented that I didn’t think I would be able to see the outside duel near a curb and wouldn’t be able to match the clearance lights once I got home. So Kathy suggested that I pick them up here so I wouldn’t have to worry back home. A quick stop at Pep Boys Auto Parts and that problem was resolved.
Since Walmart didn’t have everything we wanted we continued down to the Target store on 441. Pulling into the parking lot near a light standard I thought that it was strange that there were branches and grass near its base. That is where Kathy pointed to a nest at the top of the pole and we heard the high pitched scream of birds so we left well enough alone. Coming out of the target store we now saw an Osprey sitting in the nest keeping a keen look at what was happening in the parking lot as well as the sky. It stayed there a good ten minutes before taking flight and coming in close contact with its mate but keeping a birds eye view on the nest.
Osprey nest on light standard near truck.
Look at the size of that nest.
The Osprey looks like it's smiling for the camera. Look how thick the sticks are.
Keeping an eye on its nest.
Back at the trailer Kathy did her inside chores while I remounted the bicycles on the trailer, put our chairs and table way, put the grill away and closed up the outside kitchen, put the tripod away and prepped the truck for towing all before supper.
Truck prepped and Tripod stored for travel.
Our chairs and table and grill all put away.
Bicycles mounted on trailer.
Soup and a Bagel for Supper.
Since we had those sundaes for dessert at lunch we got back into the light meal for supper. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Rick and Kathy, I think in a recent post you said that you went to Steak n Shake for the first time. Just wanted to let you know if you ever make it up here to Central IL we have 2 or 3 Steak n Shakes in our town. I would be happy to buy you and your wife lunch at one of them. Looking forward to hearing about the campground in Crystal River. I need some good reviews for when we start our adventure. Curt

  2. That's one big bird nest! Looks like a fairly safe vantage point though.

  3. That is a huge nest...

    Be safe in your travels tomorrow. Cant wait to hear/see all about Crystal River.

  4. Great pictures of the nest. I noticed quite a few man-made platforms for birds in my travels. I've camped several times at Reed Bingham State Park in GA - the buzzard capitol of the southeast, I think.

    Those sundaes gave me a craving that I can't satisfy at the moment! They looked so good. Can't blame Kathy for diving in!

    Looking forward to your posts about Crystal River, too.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say, I didn't see a buzzard at Reed, but we did see a Bald Eagle!

  6. All in all it looked like a good last day in the area. Glad that you got to enjoy Steak and Shake again before leaving, those Sundae's look pretty tempting. How's propane prices your way? We are $3.00 a gallon here. Wishing you both safe travels today.

  7. Oh why did you have to post the picture of the steak and shake. Now I have to go to the fridge for a snack!