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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Delays for the Birds.

Our Location today is Apopka, Florida.

Yes things are definitely back to normal but I did manage to get six hours combined sleep last night. To be honest getting my morning blog reading done at 3:00 in the morning is not something that I enjoy doing on a regular basis. When we finally had breakfast Kathy was back on research and reservation duty for the month of March. She was finally able to complete the last of it this morning; now she’ll be able to relax again. I only needed to read two more blogs to have read them all. If there is a blog listed on our sidebar when it shows as a recent posting I read it.
For the last few mornings while we work at the computers we had a visitor. Sometimes he’ll sit on our window sill, our rear ladder and today he sat on our bicycles and serenaded us with his beautiful song and posed for us.
This bird showed up this afternoon but was being camera shy.
Kathy reminded me that she needed to go to the nearest grocery store because she needed a few more ingredients for her mystery potluck dish. On Friday the park is hosting a mystery potluck gathering and how it works is you choose a paper bag from the shelf and bring it home to your trailer. Upon opening the bag at home you must use the mystery ingredient as part of the dish you will be making. Kathy came up with a dish that neither of us had eaten before and after returning from the store she immediately started making it. Of course there was need for taste testing and it tasted pretty darn good. We cannot tell you what the dish is because someone may know from reading this and there is a mystery list we have to fill out when we get there to win a prize.
Returning to the trailer it was time for lunch so we finished off the last of the Taco Soup from last week. It still tasted as good as when it was made. After eating I headed outside to start wiring the light bars I created for the truck but the wire that was supplied with the lights was 18 gauge wire which is much too light for that draw of power. I had to go find an auto parts supply store to buy some16 gauge wire to complete the job.
Back outside I managed to get the lights all wired and loomed for protection. Now I had to remove the step bar to start the mounting process. To make the installation easier I need to remove the body clips and replace them with nuts. Now I carry a case in a cabinet I built in the box of the truck that has an assortment of hardware for doing odd little jobs that might pop up but would you believe none of it was Metric and that is what I needed.
Sure looks different without the stepbar.
Right after supper Kathy came for a ride with me to Home Depot to get the proper sized metric nuts but she wasn’t impressed with the higher step that was required to get into the truck. Hopefully things will fall together tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Always some little project to keep you busy and out of trouble.

  2. The first bird on your blog looks like a member of the sparrow family. They do have a pretty song. I know what Kathy means about the step into the truck without the side rails. If we didn't have side rails on Big Mo I would need a step ladder to get in :) Enjoy your pot luck dinner on Friday.

  3. I cannot believe the pictures so many of you get of birds. I don't know what I do wrong--seems like, in the past when I've seen a potential subject, he's gone somewhere between my spotting him in the view finder and when I hit the button. I'm glad I get to see yours.

    I'm watching the winter weather going on in the midwest. We're supposed to get rain, no mention of ice. I hope it stays that way.

    My sweet daughter-in-law sent taco soup down to me last week via my son. It was delicious and I got several meals out of it. Very tasty.

    I know how Kathy feels about the big step up into the truck. I have one on mine. I have to pull myself up. The little bit of driving I've done (doctor), I used the tiny little one step plastic stool from the trailer and pull it into the truck with my "grabber thingy".