It's about time.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Got Some Work Done.

Our Location today is Apopka, Florida.

After not having slept too well on Thursday night and the long drive we made yesterday I was quite certain that I’d have no trouble to sleep last night. Unfortunately being as tired as I was yesterday when we stopped for lunch I had three cups of regular caffeinated coffee to keep awake for the drive. Now combine that with the sound of a well amplified band that was playing across the highway from us until the wee hours and I didn’t sleep too well.
Amplified Music from across the Highway at an International Seminary.
So even though I was wide awake staring at the ceiling at 7:00 I waited until after 8:00 to get out of bed because I knew Kathy would wake as soon as I’d get up. So after breakfast we did our usual computer reading and inside chores before I went outside to work on my projects. First I needed to measure a number of different things then I laid out the panel I needed to cut and drill for the shower skylight. 
Predrilling holes for handle on panel for skylight.
By that time Kathy told me it was already time to have lunch. With a filling but semi-soft meal because of the fractured tooth that I have it was delicious.
Back outside I painted the panel with paint that was supposed to take hours to dry but because of the warm temperatures and steady breeze I had both sides double coated in less than an hour.
Doing more measuring.
Being that the wooden panel I used was so thin none of the 8-32 screws I had were short enough to do the job plus another of my jobs needed a few more pieces. Kathy had been outside keeping me company and reading so she stayed behind while I made another supply run.
I finished installing the skylight cover so now if the sun is too hot or we have a cold night this will help control the temperature in the trailer better.
Kathy and I both like this campground because of its size, location and the owners are making constant upgrades to improve it but we also mentioned the traffic noise from the highway. Two more negatives are that a train passes twenty feet from the trailer twice a week and that we are in the flight path for a small but busy airport with an average of twenty to thirty flights a day and that’s not including flight training that takes place.
Railroad, Highway and Seminary all out our back window.
Kathy had just started cooking supper again making it easy for me to chew but filling and nutritional.
Meet Loaf with Mashed Potatoes and Canned Asparagus.
Chocolate Cream Pie. Sorry the setting sun was shining in the door.
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It’s about time.


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  1. I'm sure you have thought of this, but I just have to ask....would the owners let you move to another spot that is not so close to the traffic? We stayed near strain track for a one nightstop over....trains every hour on the hour!

    Even with little to no sleep, you seem to get alot done! The cover looks nice!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Awesome job on the skylight cover. Really like the supper your wife fixed. Can't go wrong with mashed potatoes and anything chocolate. I'm sure you enjoyed it. Curt

  3. Always something to fix, repair or modify to keep you busy. Nice job on the cover.

  4. excellent job on the skylight...maybe you can move to another lot not as close to the traffic??? aren't we having the greatest weather?

  5. Wow skylight cover is really cool. You'll have to show us sometime how you did that. :-)

  6. I like that skylight cover, what a clever idea! I need to do this as our skylight lets too much light into our bedroom.

  7. Your shower looks very similar to ours. We have the same issue with too much light and heat coming in. The things they sell that you can stuff in the spot all seem to be the same - square. Our skylight is rectangle. Your adjustment looks like a great idea. I might have to put this on my "honey do" list.