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Friday, February 8, 2013

Extra Busy Day

Our Location today is Apopka, Florida.

We did it again but at least this time we didn’t freeze and this time it wasn’t a window. Last night we both had trouble sleeping because of the road noise from the highway behind our trailer. Even though we were certain we had closed all the windows we heard the noise all night. By 7:00 this morning we just got up to start our day. This is when we discovered we had left the roof vent in the rear bedroom open which was where we heard all the noise from.
Before going to sleep last night when I was brushing my teeth I had a problem that has plagued me all my life. I had an abscessed tooth last May that laid me up for a week well last night it broke off below the gum line. Unfortunately as I was growing up my parents could not afford paying for tooth repairs so it was always an extraction. Once on my own I attempted to take care of the remaining teeth I had but as time passed I lost more and more of my natural teeth.
Our plans for today took a sudden change until after listening to messages of ten different messages saying they were all closed until Monday to call back then. It must be something about being a dentist in Florida that they only work Monday to Thursday. On the eleventh call I was able to talk with a receptionist and actually got an appointment for Monday morning.
After hearing that we were back to Plan B and if we were lucky with that we’d get to Plan A. We headed out in hopes of finding the Camping World in Kissimee to pick up other supplies we wanted to replace in our trailer. After the hour drive we took our time going through their aisles one at a time only to walk out totally empty handed.  
We explored the area in hopes of find any other RV dealer that we could look at without success. For lunch we stopped at the I-Hop Pancake House where we both had an order of Strawberry covered Cream Cheese Pancakes. They were soft enough not to bother my broken tooth. They were really delicious.
We continued our search for the RV dealers until we were back in Apopka. We then stopped at the Home Depot to pick up a piece of wood and a handle for the Skylight project I am working on in the bathroom shower. Kathy also wanted to check out the Target store since it has been sometime since she had been in one. Her search for new sandals still continues but our trip there was not a total waste because we ended up doing our grocery shopping while there.
Now that were are back at the trailer we’ll look around for other things to do and I’ll be on a soft food diet until I see the dentist on Monday. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Yes I think we must have done something to cause the snow storm in southern Ontario!!! Didn't wash the truck again though no not sure what it was. Still coming down. 29 cm as of 4 pm this afternoon. Lots more since that report. We are snowed in until a plow shows up on our street. Enjoy your sunshine and get that tooth fixed. Take care.

  2. Owie owie on the tooth!

    I too came from a family that could not afford extensive dental work when I was a kid. Our stop in Mexico 2 years ago afforded me an expensive 5 tooth bridge that has been wonderful. For only $800 compared to 7-8K here in the states!

    Hope your appointment goes well and you are soon good to go!
    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Such a strange coincidence....I went to the hitchitch blog site this morning and our of all the blogs just happened to pick yours. When I clicked it on...lo and front of me was OUR 5th wheel !!! Only second one I have seen anyone with. Then to top it all are in Apopka and we live right here in Orlando !! Ouch on the tooth. Several years ago I did the chore and just had what I had left extracted and got the dentures. No worry now. I sure hope you have success with the dental appointment. Happy travels.