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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Second Eye Done, Impatient Patient and High Humidexes.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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After setting the Alarm for 5:20 this morning not only did I have a restless night’s sleep but I was out of bed before the it went off. Kathy heard me moving around downstairs, so she was up before the Alarm went off as well. The only medication Kathy was allowed to take this morning were her Heart Meds with a bit of water along with her Eyedrops for her Right Eye. Since the Humidex was to exceed the Century Mark today we turned on the Air Conditioner as we were leaving.

We took the Truck today knowing it was nearly full of Fuel. We only had to stop for a Single Traffic Light so once again we were there ahead of time. I dropped Kathy at the door and by the time I’d parked the Truck and joined her she’d already signed in. When she was called in I was again given a Pager because I was going to get a Coffee and Donut as my breakfast.

I’d barely gotten back to the Waiting Room when the Pager started going off. Kathy was the First of Forty scheduled Cataract Surgeries for this morning and she was ready to go Home. The nurse indicated that everyone was being put completely out today so it would make it harder for Kathy to come out of it.

Taking our time bouncing over the terrible City Streets we still managed to be Home by 8:20 where Kathy just headed straight to bed. I settled in at the Computer but would periodically look in on our Patient. A big Thank You to all who wished Kathy a Speedy Recovery on this Surgery.

Kathy was up by 10:00 with an upset tummy. Being that she hadn’t eaten since last night and only had a Juice at the Hospital I gave her some Pudding to soothe the way she was feeling. She lay back down but was up for noon where we had Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch.

Later when she sat in her recliner Kathy complained that her Left Eye was not yet focusing like the Right One. I had to remind her that it was only Four Hours since the Surgery and it took over a Day for her Right Eye to focus without the blurriness.

For supper while I grilled a couple of Hotdogs on the Weber, Kathy insisted on putting together a Salad as a side. We’re going to bed early to make up some of the Sleep we lost but we also have the Alarm set again for her Follow-Up Appointment. Our area is forecasted to have an entire Week of High Humidexes meaning Kathy will have to stay inside while I get some Chores done. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Happy to hear all went well. Take it slow Kathy you are now in the final finish.

  2. Kathy you take it easy. It's all done for know. I was wondering why you got a new car with all that rain you should have brought a boat.

  3. Glad Kathy is doing so good with the improvement of her sight.

  4. Yay! Everything went well. Good deal!

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