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Friday, June 15, 2018

Getting Banking Problems Fixed and A Wonderful Visit.

Our Location today is at McGregor, Ontario, Canada.

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After getting to bed just before 1:00 this morning I was surprised that when I woke at 7:30 how well rested I felt. There was a nice cool breeze blowing in the Windows that felt very comfortable so after getting things ready for breakfast I turned my Computer on to get an early start to my reading. I didn’t even have The Weather Network on my screen when Kathy came downstairs.

Breakfast was lite being geared to our Expected Activity Level for the morning. We managed to get all our reading finished before I headed upstairs to make the Bed. With all the problems we have experienced with the Credit Union’s New Computerized Banking System Kathy thought that she would double check that they had made the corrections that they promised. She had barely gotten onto their site when she was Locked Out and then her Computer said she was not On-Line. I’ve mentioned our Laptops are identical except for the Processors. Kathy’s AMD controlled Laptop is constantly being dropped while my Intel Processor Laptop gets to the Sites she needs to go. With her upcoming Cataract Surgery, it will be going into the shop for a tune up.

Using my Laptop to check our accounts we found the corrections had been made but there was no longer a Balance Column and our Savings were suddenly showing in the Red. With more problems to report we printed out our accounts and tried calling Ashley at the Credit Union only to get her Voice Mail.

With this being Friday, we needed this fixed today so as soon as we ate an early lunch we were on our way to Windsor. If we have to drive that far we get as many errands as possible done so the first thing we did was stop at Pioneer gas station to put gas in the car. Even though the price was down Two Cents a Liter we are still paying over $5.00 a gallon.

Our next stop was Guardian Storage to collect our Mail. With the amount of Mail waiting for us today, I still believe the carrier delivers it when they feel like it. One of the pieces of Mail was the Reimbursement Cheque for Kathy’s in-house treatment on her feet from Mary from Healthy Heals. One Week is not a bad turn-around these days.

When we walked in to the Credit Union Ashley had just finished with another customer and was all smiles. She hadn’t checked her Voice Mail yet and when we told her of the latest Problems and gave her our Printouts the smile disappeared from her face. We were there for nearly an Hour while she documented everything that was wrong. She guaranteed us, our accounts would be fixed within the Hour but we had places to go and people to see.

We stopped at Walmart to look for the Hair Care Products that Jenna had recommended we use. After trying to find them on our own we finally asked the Head Stock Manager only to find that the Product was no longer being carried. At least they had the few groceries we were looking for.

When we finally left we had to weave our way to the east end of the town of Essex. We only arrived Ten Minutes later then we had planned. This was our first time visiting with Louis and Ray in their beautiful House. Other then a few E-Mails and Phone Calls, it was hard to believe it was nearly Two Years ago that they visited us at the Park.

We sat outside in the shade on their Deck visiting for nearly Two Hours getting caught up and there was never a break in the conversation. Then Ray grilled some Potato Wedges and Hamburgers while Louis was sautéing other Vegetables inside. Everything was wonderful and again the conversation never ended. It was kind of funny that they both have Sleep Apnea just like Kathy and I so for a while we were comparing the types of equipment that we have. Kathy nearly shrieked when she saw it was nearly 10:00 and there was still plenty to talk about. We finally said our Good Nights and headed for Home.

With the Humidex for the next three days forecasted to be above the Century Mark (38 C) we’ll be getting more inside chores done. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. That banking sure is a problem for you guys. Sure hope it all gets fixed shortly! Nice visit you had and sounds like awesome food.